2006 The year of the historical memory

A paradox of ATM collecting. Just when everything seems to indicate the imminent removal of the current system of variable value stamps in the Spanish post office, Correos plans 2 new ATM designs !!!

According to the 2nd additional disposition of the Law 24/2006 of July 7th 2006, proclaiming 2006 as the Year of the Historical Memory in Spain, it is established that "El Gobierno, a través de la Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, promoverá la emisión de sellos y signos de franqueo conmemorativos, para cuya elaboración se facilitará la participación de la sociedad" ("The Spanish Government, through the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, will promote the issue of different types of commemorative stamps and frankings, with the participation of the society").

In order to comply, Correos, on its website, between October 23rd and November 5th, showed 10 different designs for the public to vote for, in order to choose the design that will appear on 4 new commemorative postage stamps: 2 'traditional' stamps and... 2 variable value stamps or ATMs.
After the votes had been counted, the 2 winning designs will be used for the issue of 2 stamps, whereas the 2 following (in the images, with 9 and 7% of the total votes respectively) will appear as ATMs.

These new issues could appear before the end of the year (2006).

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