Post-Expo 2008. London  

After the successful 2007 exhibition in Barcelona, the latest annual meeting, for the world of the mail, was held from September 30th to October 2nd 2008 at the ExCel exhibition centre in London.

For 3 days, leading postal and mail companies showed their products and new ideas to senior officials of worldwide postal administrations and mail companies. Both sides discussed the problems, challenges and future of a sector in both crisis and continuous transformation, in meetings and technology workgroups. Without doubt this show will be the main reference point for the postal world.

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In this article we look at the different companies represented at Post-Expo and which are related to our field of study. New equipment, new companies developing innovative applications and postal kiosks, plus ... new postal administrations opting for the installation of self-service postal kiosks and the issue of variable value stamps. A present and a future which offers to be really very interesting and promising.
Some of these subjects have already been studied in other articles in our publications, whilst others will be dealt with in more detail in future articles.


Step by step, this young Danish company is making its mark amongst the multinational companies, in the marketing of self-service postal kiosks, and its stand at POST-EXPO 2008 was one of the most visited.
aCon displayed its different postal equipment and devices. The self-service postal kiosks, the franking label printers and a prototype of the new postal kiosk developed for the Dutch TNT Post.

As a surprise, aCon also displayed the self-service postal dispenser installed in the Faroe Islands - a new postal administration issuing variable value stamps. Next to the machine are two self-post lockers, also developed by aCon, which can be linked to the postal kiosk. These lockers can be used for either parcel deposits or pickup.

Test labels (VOID) issued by a PostSelv kiosk (left) and a franking label printer (right).

The postal administrations of Denmark, Norway and The Netherlands are currently testing the aCon Self Post Units and its franking label printers. In early October 2008 a test began in the Faroe Islands and, in its expansion by the Nordic countries, other postal administrations in the region are planning the launch of pilot tests with aCon postal kiosks.
You can find more information about these subjects on this website and the different issues of VARIABLE.


The multinational, Fujitsu, is another of the companies currently developing self-service postal kiosks, where the user can carry out some basic postal operations.
In this case, the postal kiosk was not displayed at POST-EXPO 2008, but at KioskCom Europe 2008, an exhibition specializing in self-service, kiosks and digital signage, also held in London at the same time.

The postal kiosk is manufactured by the British company Integrex Ltd. and distributed by Fujitsu. During 2007 and 2008 this postal kiosk, along with other self-service postal units, was tested in a pilot scheme in some UK post offices.


IER is a French company specializing in the manufacture of interactive kiosks and self-service terminals for transportation networks, postal services and public administrations around the world. Its a well known company amongst those interested in variable value stamps, as they are the manufacturers of more than 4000 thermal printing IER LISA 2 units, installed in French post offices.

IER also displayed one of its LISA 2 stamp vending machines (left) and, as a novelty, the prototype of a new self-service postal kiosk (right picture) that allows the shipment of parcels, and issue the stamp and the labels and forms with all the required shipping documentation.
This is a development of the current unit LISA 2, which is adapted to the conditions laid down in recent tender invitations by postal administrations in some countries. This machine will allow IER to compete in future with other companies with similar equipment: aCon, Fujitsu, Pitney Bowes or Wincor Nixdorf.

Left. Test printing on self-adhesive thermal paper, by the IER - Automate Colis prototype.
Below. Test label issued by the IER LISA 2 machine.
Thermal printing on self-adhesive thermal test paper, with the preprinted word ANNULÉ.

Nagler Technik

With few surprises regarding their participation in POST-EXPO 2007, the German company exhibited its well-known N714 ATM vending machine, some cancelling machines, and its PackstationN114 for prepaid parcels.
Currently they are developing a new Packstation for parcels and letters, including also an ATM vending machine.

Test label issued by the N714 vending machine, on gummed test paper, purple matrix printing.


Presented at the POST-EXPO 2007, this small module postal kiosk for the Swiss Post is manufactured by PESA, part of the Bizerba Group. It includes computer equipment with a touch screen and a variable value stamp printer, and a scale for parcels and letters.
The user places the postal item on the scale, and using the touch screen selects the destination, type and other shipping options. Next, the stamp is issued and payment for, and deposit of, the shipment are made at the cash desk of the establishment.

In shortly we'll publish an article devoted to this interesting project of the Swiss Post.

Test variable value stamp issued by the sending module installed in Post-Expo 2008

Wincor Nixdorf

Wincor Nixdorf went to the POST-EXPO annual meeting as a brand new winner of the tender organized by the British Post Office for the installation and maintenance of the new Post&Go self-service postal kiosks.
The company displayed a basic model of the ProPostal 2000 postal kiosk (orange) as well as the machine ready to be installed in the UK post offices, with the red graphic colour and logos of Post Office.

The installation of the first 40 new ProPostal 2000 postal kiosks in the UK will begin in early October 2008, and the first phase will include a total of 180 units.

Wincor Nixdorf distributes the ProPostal 2000 postal kiosks manufactured by the Portuguese company NewVision. In addition to this big installation planned in the UK, they currently have some postal kiosks installed in The Netherlands post offices, and they have started public pilot schemes in Austria and Ireland.
You can find more information about these subjects on this website and the different issues of VARIABLE

Test label without postal value issued by the ProPostal 2000 equipment during POST-EXPO 2008.

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