New specialized catalogue ATMs worldwide 2008 (1969-1999)

Markus Seitz
, author of all the Michel specialised ATM catalogues, until 2004, (Michel Automatenmarken-Spezial-Katalog), has, in July 2008, published a new manual and specialized catalogue of worldwide ATMs featuring the 'classic issues', including all the ATMs issued between 1969 and 1999. This large compilation is published by the author, as a black and white edition, which has 474 pages and contains 20,300 updated prices

After many years of collaboration, Markus Seitz has decided not to continue with the edition of the Michel catalogue because of differences of opinion with the editors. Among these, the question of the preprinted stamps, on thermal paper, from Spain and Norway. In addition, the issue in recent years of a large number of unnecessary and purely philatelic issues (such as in the case of Austria and Taiwan, for example) and the new customized computer stamps, has caused the author to limit his work to the 'classic' period, which includes all the ATM issues from 1969 to the end of 1999.
Without doubt, this is one of the best ATM compilations currently available. A reference and essential work for all collectors.

Automaten-Briefmarken Ganze Welt. Klassik 1969-1999. Handbuch und Spezialkatalog 2008. Markus Seitz. 6 Auflage. More information at
Price: 29.00 EUR + shipping (9.00 EUR Europe / 13.00-23.00 EUR Rest of the world)

NOTE (ATEEME members). If you're interested on this new catalogue, read also notice in the
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