From 1992 three different types of ATM vending ATM machines have been tested, in service, for very limited periods of time.

The three machine types have resulted in three different models of ATMs, identified by the machine that issued them; UNISYS, CIRILO AYLING and FRAMA.


Subject :
Post emblem Correo Argentino
Date of issue :
December 27, 1995
Size :
22 x 25 mm. (image enlarged 25%)
Paper :
Printing value :
American Banknote Co., USA
Printing :
Possible values : 13 basic values programmed

This design was issued by a self service ATM vending machine from US company UNISYS. The distributor was in service for less than a month in the hall of the Buenos Aires Main Post Office. These ATMs are very rare.

The distributor worked with coins and issued only 13 basic franking values:- 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 2.00, 2.75, 5.00, 9.40 and 10.00 $.

Its possible to confuse this issue with a "traditional" stamp because of its appearance.

Thermal type receipt issued by the UNISYS vending machine on January 10th, 1996. Purchase of 3 ATMs

Sequences with the 13 possible values
A "modern rarity"; First Day of Issue Cover of ATM model UNISYS, franked with one ATM with value 0.75 $ and First Day postmark, Buenos Aires 27 DIC. 1995.


Subject :
Mailbox Correo Argentino
Date of issue :
February 2, 1999
Size :
40 x 33 mm.
Paper :
White gummed
Printing value :
Printer :
Printing :
Possible values : 00.05 $ up to 99.95 $ (in steps of 0.05 $)

This design was issued by a unique self service FRAMA ATMvending machine, model FE 1710, during different trial periods; first in Flores post office in Buenos Aires, later (2000) in the Post Office of Rio Cuarto, in Cordoba and finally (2001) in La Plata main post office.


Subject : Red mailbox Correo Argentino
Date of issue :
February 2, 1999
Size :
43 x 25,5 mm.
Paper :
Printing procedure :
Letter press. Four colours
Imprint : Black
Design : Ariel Méndez
Printer :
Akian Gráfica Editora, Buenos Aires
Possible values :
10 basic values programmed

From February 2 to September 1999, and in trial period, two new vending machines of variable value stamps or ATMs were put into service.
The distributors were the TERO Model of the Argentinean company CIRILO AYLING SAIC.

This new postal vending machines offered the double possibility to buy either ATMs or adhesive stamps booklets. They were self service, worked with coins and no receipt was available.

The two machines were located in Post office Branches of the Capital Federal, Buenos Aires; Avenida de Mayo, 649, and Plaza San Martin.

The first day of circulation of the stamp or ATM was the February 2, 1999 and the first set is composed by the pre programmed values of the machines:
  • $0,75 - $1,00 - $1,25 - $1,50 - $2,00 - $2,25 - $3,00 (1999)
In the year 2000, for a three month period, a new test with the machines was made, and from June 20 to September 20, the two machines were again in service in the Federal Capital, post offices of Callao, 248 and Córdoba y Florida.
On this occasion they changed three of the pre programmed values in the machines, adjusting them to the new postal tariffs. Thus, the first day of circulation for the three last values was the June 20, 2000 and the second set is composed by the values ; 
  • $0,75 - $1,00 - $1,25 - $1,50 - $1,75 - $2,50 - $3,25 (2000)
First Day Cover of model Cirilo Ayling, franked with the 3 new values programmed from June 20th, 2000 and onwards.

First Day Postmark, Buenos Aires 20 JUN 2000.

Advertisement from Correo Argentino - Volante filatélico nº 869


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