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WHEN IS AN ATM NOT AN ATM ? ... One of the main characteristics that determines an ATM is that it can be used like a franking at any date and/or place different from that of original purchase, such as a traditional stamp, but what about when the date is printed ?

(Fig. 1) ATM without date (Fig. 2) ATM with date (Fig. 3) Stamp with date and weight
The "reality" is that to include the date when the ATM is printed could be considered a cancellation, because normally these stamps are for immediate use.

But this is not always the case, and the "practice" in Spain is very different.
When the postal employees prints the ATMs with the franking balances, they have the option to issue them with a date (Fig. 2) or without a date (Fig. 1).

But when the ATMs are to take away, they print the ATMs without a date. But there are exceptions due generally to the equipment not being correctly ‘informed’, or simply carelessness. Thus, it is not unusual to see circulated covers with a postmark later than the date shown on the ATM.
On the other hand, when somebody takes a letter or package to the post office for franking, the postal employee places it on the balance and issues a sticky stamp based on the weight, type of shipment and destination ; The stamps thus issued always include the date, and in many cases the weight in the centre of the sticky paper (Fig. 3). Despite the use of an ATM look-a-like, these could not be considered to be ATMs, but mechanical franking, and usually they are not cancelled.

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