The digital post - The eLetter

A new step in the modernization of the post service in Spain and in the improvement of the attention to the user, on December 17th, 2002 Correos presented the new post office in Internet "Correos on line".

Among many other new services, from the Correos website any user can send digital mail.

This is a new postal service that allows to send letters and postcards directly from home and through the own computer ... The user only must fill up with the computer the content of the letter or postcard and the postal address for sending, and Correos, through a new company, is charged to print, to put in a envelope, to frank and to post the mail.
In all the cases the letters are inside an special envelope (114 x 229 mm.) with double window. 
The franking, printed on the cover in colour, is identical for all type of shipments.
At the user's election, the shipments can be by normal post or registered, and the payment is also on line with a credit card.
Ordinary eLetter Registered eLetter
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