The ELGOIBAR's counterfeit

In the world of ATMs also exist frauds and falsifications, of course !

As a curiosity and report we'll see here a fraud made during the year 1998 by a private company of the city of Elgoibar, in Guipuzcoa - Spain.
All the ATMs shown corresponds to postal documents where the sender is always the same company.

The falsification of the ATMs was made from blank labels of different models ; the face value and machine number were possibly printed with an electrical typewriter.

In order to give more realism, the "falsified" scale is the number 0956 in all the cases; this was a franking scale Epelsa model ET-CB installed in the post office of the same city. 
The face values are elevated and we're surprised that a so evident falsification had not been detected by the postal employees ...
Face value 360 Pts. on paper "Nature".
Postmark January 30h , 1998
Face value 221 Pts. on paper "Nature".
Postmark February 27th, 1998
They also created some "printing varieties" ... !!
Face value 272 Pts. on paper "Nature".
Postmark  March 31th, 1998
Face value 357 Pts. on paper "Music".
Postmark August 1st, 1998
Face value 323 Pts. on paper "Ancient ships".
Postmark August 31th, 1998
If you have any doubt, we show the detail of the real printing of the "falsified" franking scale (machine nr. 0956) in the same period...
Postmark July 21th, 1998

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