The "old" papers reappear.

This seems to be a never ending story ... From the Correos warehouses boxes of rolls of old ATM papers continue to go out !!

It is now well established that there is little or no control of the distribution of the different ATM designs to the post office branches. Also in the head offices they only receive a small quantity of the designs issued every year - often many months after their original date of issue, and in the medium and small offices it is not surprising to find old designs on sale.

Painting (1997) Felipe II (1999) Road Education Year (1999)
At the present time most of printings in the post offices correspond to the designs issued during the second half of the 2001 and the earlier part of 2002, from January it has been possible to obtain all the issues of 2001 with the face value in Euros !!! 
Tourist Spain (1999) España 2000 (1999) Belen Virgin (1999)
But these are not the only ones, because sometimes the older papers reappear, usually in small offices around the country. In this page some examples can be seen.

It is possible that if this situation continues it will be possible to obtain normally most of Spain ATM papers, even the oldest, but with the new monetary system. This will complicate even further, the very difficult task of cataloguing Spanish ATMs ...

Hannover (2000) Castroverde (2000) Terra Mítica (2000)

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