The new ATM vending machines LF - The new printing variety

The new automatic vending machines EPELSA LF-1100 and LF-3100 allow the obtaining of ATM’s with only 6 different face values.

These 6 values are programmed on the machines according the basic postal tariffs for a letter or post card up to 20 gr. : 3 for ordinary post (National, Europe, and rest of the world) and 3 for express post (National, Europe, and rest of the world) which include the prefix URG before the face value.
At this moment the values are: 0,26 – 0,51 – 0,76 EUR ordinary post and 1,85 – 2,30 – 2,55 express post.

In the following images can be seen the complete button set of all possible values issued by the model LF-1100 put on service on May 23th, 2003, number 10001. The machine was inaugurated using the ATM paper Postal architecture. Zaragoza.

Ordinary post - Inland Ordinary post - Europe Ordinary post - Rest of the world
Express post - Inland Express post - Europe Express post - Rest of the world
Commemorative sheet for the 1st day in service. ATM vending machine EPELSA LF-1100
Size: A5 (210 x 148,5 mm). Printing: 25 numbered pieces only
To print the ATM’s the machines use identical thermal labels as the franking balances. The printing is done by a thermal printer provided with a high resolution head (8 dots/mm – 200 dpi) similar to the one in the franking balances. But some differences can be appreciated in the printing and other details, that means a new variety of printing.
So, it is 5 small digits, but the height of the figures of the face value (4 mm.) is lower than the varieties of printing issued by the franking balances (4.5 mm.).
The new ATM’s can be also easily recognized looking at the number of the machine printed on them (numbers between 10001 and 10250).

Other novelty is the use of the prefix URG before the facial value in the ATM’s for express post.

Details of the ATM issued by the distributor LF-1100. The height of the figures of the face value is 4 mm.
Details of the ATM issued by franking scale ET-RL/T. The height of the figures of the face value is 4,5 mm.
Commemorative illustrated cover of the 1st day in service - ATM vending machine LF-1100, franked with the 1st. inland value - normal post. 
Printing: 150 numbered pieces (100 with value 0,26 EUR and 50 with value 1,85 EUR - Express post)
The first letter circulated in Spain with the new EXPRESS ATM. 
(Postal marks for departure 23.05.03 and arrival 24.05.03)
These new vending machines EPELSA LF-1100 and LF- 3100 also print adjust labels.

They are internal printings, as a control test, that can only be done by the employee in charge of the maintenance; they never can be done by the user and logically it would be difficult that they could be obtained by the collectors.

Although the appearances are quite similar, there are many differences if we compare both labels (vending machine and franking scale); the most evident is the size of the date.

Adjust label Detail - 1st. day in service !

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