Some curious names printed on the Spanish ATMs

All the franking balances can be configured to print the name of the post office where it is installed. Only the technicians in charge of maintenance can do it, after the general directives of Correos managers, or as an immediate decision by either the technician or director of that post office.  
Often we find ATMs include the name of the city, and in large cities, even a detailed reference to the post office branch.

This configuration can, of course, vary from time to time, and a balance printing the name of the post office, in the next technical revision can't do it, which causes technical problems leading to the printing of text without sense or just combinations of symbols. These are the well known printing errors.

We display here some ATMs with different texts, and despite their novelty or curiosity, this does not correspond to an error; the text indicates the office where the balance is located.
Franking balance installed in the Postal Transfer branch in Barcelona.
The Postal Transfer is a new post office type in Spain offering specific global services of communication for the more important immigrant population living in Spain. The first three offices, located in Madrid, Barcelona and Lorca, were inaugurated on July 4th, 2002
C.A.M.1. CAM  1 C.A.M.1.
Franking balance in use in the Centro de Admisión Masiva (C.A.M.) (- Postal centre for large postings) in Madrid
As shown, the images, and layout of the text printed on the ATMs varies from time to time, and sometimes there is no machine number printed.
Despite its’ very curious name, it's just a franking balance installed in the post office of the village of Raval de Jesus, in Tarragona.


 ¿ Do you have a Spanish ATM with a rare or curious text ?
Just send to us an image or a piece and we'll try to find its origin.

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