The new ATM issues 2003 - 2004

There are 24 new ATM issues expected in Spain for 2003 and 2004.
All them are manufactured by the company SIGNE, S.A. and, as you can see, all them include the new Correos logo. The dates and order of issue are totally unknown at this date.

The 24 issues are included in 5 large ATM sets, some of them continuation of this ones appeared last years.

  • Vintage cars. 6 new ATM issues with designs from cars in the Museo Historico de la Automocion de Salamanca.
  • AMILCAR - 1927 HISPANO SUIZA 20-30 HP - 1910 BERLIET - 1926
    DONOSTI - 1928 PEGASO Z-102 Spyder - 1955 ROLLS ROYCE 1947
    • Painting. New set with 12 beautiful issues illustrated with works from different authors and all them from the Sammer Gallery collection.
    El Verano (The summer) Bodegon con Tulipanes (Still-life with tulips) El Otoño (The autumn)
    Bodegon (Still-life) Frutas (Fruits) Bodegon con Naranjas (Still-life with oranges)
    Bodegon de Farmacia (Pharmacy's still-life) Bodegon ... (Still-life ...) Uvas (Grapes)
    Bodegon del Sifon (Still-life with soda) Red Life Bodegon con calabaza (Still-life with pumpkin)
    • Historic coaches. New ATM set with 3 issues showing pieces exposed in the Museo de la Moto Clasica de Hervas.
    Faeton exclusivo. Año 1850 Spider con Capota. Año 1705 Milord. Año 1900
    • Historic motorbikes and railways. Continuation of the series with 3 new issues ; a new motorbike from the Museo de la Moto Clasica de Hervas and two steam locomotives from the Museo del Ferrocarril.
    DKW with Sidecar -1938 Locomotora y Tender. Años 1900-1901 Locomotora. Año 1887

    There are some magnificent issues that will increase the interest of philatelic and collectors towards these stamps ; and still more if some of the proposals studied from the Philatelic Service in Spain -as the issue of official FDCs for each model or the possibility to offer them in a new issues service- become a reality.

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