Philatelic and collecting Exhibition - XI EXFILNUCOL 2004 - Onda
Commemorative ATMs

The philatelic-rarities lovers can be happy; They can find nice examples in the Spanish ATMs.
And this time, the fault (or the grace -depending on your point of view-) is not that of Correos, but due to the pressure and the actions of collectors.

The first time it was at Valencia 2004, the World Philatelic Exhibition. During its 9 days up to 4 franking balances installed in the Exhibition issued ATMs of a single design with a commemorative text of the event.

Later there followed EXFILNA 2004, the National Philatelic Exhibition held in Valladolid; During these 9 days the balance installed in the Correos stand issued ATMs of several designs with a commemorative text.
And the third and final (?) one has been the XI EXFILNUCOL 2004, local Exhibition of Philately, Numismatism and Collecting celebrated in Onda (Castellon), where a franking balance has issued for a limited number of visitors and collectors ATMs of several designs with a special commemorative text over a period of ... 2 hours !

In 1998 an approach was made to the Programming Commission to produce a stamp dedicated to Ibn Al-Abbar. This was rejected, so it was decided to produce a privately funded ATM issue which was the 1st private ATM issue in Spain, with local use in Onda.

In 2004 a fresh attempt to produce a privately ATM funded issue dedicated in this occasion to the Inauguration of the Tile's Museum in Onda, for local usage, failed for economical reasons. This was the origin of this new request for the authorization to install a temporary post office with a franking balance printing just a commemorative text.

The EXFINUCOL 2004 was displayed in the Casa de la Cultura in Onda between the October 24th and November 1st.
It is one of the Exhibitions of the Fira d'Onda 2004, and this time it is dedicated to commemorate the inauguration of the Manolo Safont Tile's Museum in Onda.

On Sunday October 24th, the day of the official opening of the 11th EXFILNUCOL, a temporary post office was installed with a franking balance model EPELSA ET-RL/T, number 1410, brought in especially to Onda.

During the 2 hours that the Exhibition was open to the public in the morning, visitors could acquire ATMs of several designs and to use the commemorative postmark.

The balance had been especially configured to print a commemorative text on the ATMs.

A similar text also appeared on the receipts.

As it can be seen in the image, just a curiosity, the hour of purchase that was shown in receipts was not correct, because the balance was in service, at least for the visitors in general, between the 12 noon and 2 pm.

Despite this short period in service of the balance, collectors could obtain several designs of ATM with the commemorative text. Most were issued with a date.

As expected, the organisers published different commemorative products, as the Cover for the first day of circulation of the ATMs with the special legend, on sale in the Exhibition at 5.00 EUR per piece.

Again as a novelty, the ATM used in the franking of this cover was issued by a second balance, number 1411, possibly prepared for standby in case of failure of the first one, and identically set up to print the ATMs with the commemorative text. The surprising thing is that the ATMs issued with this balance also have the date of the October 24th, but the balance was not installed in the Exhibition ...

Conmemorative card, a design of Mr. Joaquin Puchal, and the special postmark.

This is the third ATM issue in Spain with special commemorative text, and as in the previous cases, it's a philatelic rarity, not available for the most part to collectors, but to a few very privileged people who are member of the specialist groups... It's a pity.

ATEEME still have 35 ATMs of this Exhibition, and within our limited possibilities we have decided to put them available to interested collectors. We will add another 35 with the commemorative text EXFILNA 2004, all of them in small values.

If you are NOT member of any of the specialized groups of ATM collecting in Spain and you want to obtain, totally free, these 2 ATMs with commemorative text, just contact us as soon as possible with your personal data for the shipment.
The 35 letters with the 2 ATMs plus some other gifts related to the ATMs, will be sent totally free of charge to the first 35 collectors answering this announcement and fulfilling the following requirements.

Please, to avoid the repetition of the ridiculous situations of previous occasions, please do not use the names of your wife, children, relatives or friends names. ONE OFFER PER HOUSEHOLD ONLY. This offer is specially reserved for those collectors unable to obtain these issues in any other way. If you belong to a specialized group or you think that you can obtain them by any other method, please don't reply this add. Thank you very much.

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