The shame wall

The collectors increasing interest by this new chapter of postal and philatelic history in Spain is starting to have echo in philatelic catalogues and specialised publications.

Unfortunately some people seems to believe that the free access through Internet to the information that we offer allows them to appropriate and copy it without any shame. More than this, some of them even publish the text having commercial purposes without mention the author and origin of the information, nor having any kind of authorisation.

Is not use to disguise the new copy. Perhaps they can trick the readers under the supposed prestige of a Publishing Company, Group or Association, but never the real author.

Coming up next we expose two cases publicly reported and their resolutions. Regrettably their are not the uniques. Surfers, be aware !

The trial against FILABO, S.A. for illegal copying

At the end of 2002 we discovered that the Spanish philatelic publishing house FILABO, in the new edition of specialised stamps catalogue 1850-2003 has illegally copied from our web site all the chapter talking about "Etiquetas autoadhesivas" (adhesive labels). The copy is absolutely literal, point by point, word by word.

Faced by the negative attitude taken by FILABO, S.A. we took legal actions arguing infringement of Intellectual Property rights.

The trial was celebrated on September 22nd, 2003 and the verdict was publicised on December 2003.

The judgement was entirely in our favour and the verdict of guilty sentences FILABO, S.A.:

a) To withdraw from circulation and from distribution companies and stores all the units of the stamps catalogue.

b) To stop the unlawful exploitation of the work of the plaintiff (author) in the stamps catalogue for the coming years.

c) To pay to Mr. Josep Jove Jove a compensation for damage as a remuneration for the own work in case of he had authorised the commercial exploitation, and for moral damage.

d) To publicise and pay the publication of the verdict of guilty in its own website, in the next issue of its stamps catalogue FILABO and in the next issue of a specialised philatelic magazine.

e) To pay the costs of the trial.

FILABO, S.A. appealed against the judge's verdict in the Barcelona Provincial Court.
The new verdict had been publicised on July 2005 and the jury stands the verdict again, except in the point of moral damage.

The illegal copying published in REVISTA DE FILATELIA

In the same way at the end of 2002 we reported a new case of illegal copying. It was the first part of an article published in the Spanish Philatelic Magazine REVISTA DE FILATELIA - RF, nr. 388 - November 2002, pages 734 and 735.
The article is "Los ATMs termicos (I)" (The thermal ATMs - I) and its "supposed author", Alfonso F. Pellejero Gutierrez, who prepared the most part of the article using again a literal copy, word by word and including complete paragraphs coming from different pages from this website.

Fortunately in this case it wasn't necessary to start legal actions and the author recognised the plagiarism.

Note appearing in Revista de Filatelia - June 2003
(English translation)

Letter to the editor

The thermal ATMs

Regarding to the article published in "R.F., Revista de Filatelia" in its issue of November 2002, pages 734 and 735 and entitled "Los ATMs termicos" (The thermal ATMs) which was signed by myself. This article was the object of a correction made by the editorial staff appearing in the January issue. I want to bring to the public's attention and, I beg the publication in the next issue, that after making some researches and verifications it results that the contents of this article is taken from the web page on Internet, from JOSEP JOVE I JOVE. Those information was offered to me without mentioning its source ; that's why I make my apologies to the owner of the web page and to the newspaper office of "R.F.".

Alfonso F. Pellejero Gutierrez

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