Post-Expo 2003

POST-EXPO is the world's leading postal event. Brussels welcomed the 2003 edition, between the 7th and 9th October in the Brussels Exhibition Centre

The hall is reserved to the professionals of the world's postal, courier and mailing companies. It's the main annual appointment where the specialized firms (more than 150 exhibitors in the last edition) show the latest generation technology solutions that are driving the industry forward.
The main manufacturing companies of equipment and ATM vending machines showed its models: Automaten Technik Baumann GmbH, Sielaff GmbH & Co, Mettler Toledo, Hytech, Wincor-Nixdorf, New Vision, Samkyung and, of course, the Spanish one Epelsa.

There were equipment for demonstration and the visitors and a very few collectors who could visit the exhibit also had the opportunity to obtain some interesting test labels (no ATMs, because they don't have any postal value).

The Spanish company Epelsa had arranged several different equipment: postal scales model Eco-Postal, franking scales Iris ET-RL and ET-RL/T, as well as one of the new vending machines model LF-1100. They also displayed a new prototype of franking scale, the RLT-PF, a compact and high level equipment, evolution of the previous models. 

Three of the machines were equipped with rolls of labels of self adhesive white paper for test.
Test labels issued by the franking scale ET-RL/T (nr. 0001).
Test labels from the ATM vending machine model LF-1100 (number 00001). The first day, October 7th, the machine printed the date on the labels, and the next days it was the text POST-EXPO 2003. It was possible to obtain labels (that no ATMs !) with identical values for normal and express mail like in the Spanish vending machines.
And the great news: Test and adjust labels obtained with the new prototype of franking scale, model RLT-PF.
The innovations of this equipment and its graphical capacity can be appraised in the new printing type.

In the exhibition test labels of this equipment could be obtained only during the first day and with the face value 100 EUR.

Test printing of the new prototype in receipts thermal paper

Collaboration: C. Horion and D. v. Reeck, Belgique

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