SPAIN - 5 small digits Euro-Varieties

5 small digits ATMs coming from franking balances type EPELSA ET-RL/T appear from a few weeks ago. In this ATMs the separation between the digits corresponding to the number of balance and the first asterisk of the face value is smaller, as we can appreciate in the images :

5 small digits
5 small digits 
At the moment we can't assure if this balances are from a new generation of EPELSA balances (the numbers of balance that are known with this variety are similar -0897, 0962, 0970, 0972, ... - and the ATMs has been issued in May of this year) or it is the beginning of a general operation of internal reconfiguration of the balances to avoid the printing outside the adhesive, as it arrive now in some occasions.

With more detail, we can see the differences in the distances :

EPELSA ET-RL/T - 5 small digits 
EPELSA ET-RL/IRIS - 5 small digits EPELSA ET-RL/T - 5 small digits
We consider that the study of these varieties corresponds to an advanced collecting level and cannot be considered as a new printing variety.

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