SPAIN. From Peseta to Euro. The "ATM-transition" in images.

Franking balances EPELSA in service had to adapt to the new currency. During 2001 they realize modifications in the Post office's equipment and computer system.

The first test arrive in May 2001 ; during some weeks a few balances EPELSA ET-RL/IRIS are adjusted for the new currency and, before the arrival of the Euro, the result most visible is the reduction from 5 to 4 digits.

Balance nr. 3375 - Girona

From August 2001 and to end of year important modifications were made in the balances EPELSA ET-RL(IRIS), leaving prepared them so that they could begin to work in the new currency at the moment at which they decided the postal Authorities. As a result of this adjustment (almost) all printing 5 digits progressively changed to print for a short period in 6 digits.
Both groups of ATMs come from the same balance EPELSA : Nr. 6296 - small digits, up, Nr. 3256 - wide digits, down.

When the sender bought the 2nd ATM to complete the franking for this letters, the balance used another ATM model and printed in 6 digits.

From December 22 to 28, 2001 all the Spain Post Offices change in advance to Euro.

Balance nr. 3244. Postmark BURGOS 22.12.01

And finally the Euro comes ; In January 2nd, 2002, all the franking balances in service issued Euro-ATMs. With the new postal rates, it is necessary to complete the franking with older ATMs in Pts. The balances printing in Pts. and 6 digits, now issue ATMs in Euros and 5 digits (+ ,).
Again, both groups of ATMs comes from the same balance EPELSA: Nr. 4714 - small digits, up, Nr. 3445 - wide digits, down.

The franking is completed with ATMs in Euros.

Two ATMs from balance nr. 3146 ; The ATM in Euros include the date of purchase (27.12.01), but the postmark is from January (12.01.02).
In the image, the initial franking in Pts. is completed with a mechanical franking in Euros.

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