15.- Earth, space and postal emblem

  Issue   From July 11th 1996
  Size   43 x 25.5 mm. (approx.)

Phosphorescent and gummed

  Printing process   Offset
  Printer   OVELAR, S.A.
  Printing   2.500,000 labels
  Issuing machines   Klüssendorf StampCenter 631 and 847, and IBM postal kiosks
  Value printing   Black ink. Also red or violet ink (rare)
  Printing varieties   3 and 4 digits
  Possible values   Depending on the issuing machine - see study

In the middle of 1996, coinciding with the introduction of the new IBM postal kiosks, Correos y Telégrafos decided to produce a new definitive label.

The design, on a dark blue background, shows the world projecting the Correos emblem, symbolizing the use of advanced communication technologies for the world's mail. As with the ESPAMER 1996 design, the words ESPAÑA and CORREOS, plus the security text microprinting of CORREOSCORREOSCORREOS, are located in the top left corner.
After a series of 6 commemorative designs, this is the first definitive design ... and also the last issue, from a Klüssendorf type, in Spain.

The design is similar to a thermal self-adhesive label used for franking scales manufactured in the same period, although it is possible to recognize some important differences, as the result of
the adaptation of the original design to the characteristics of each label type. The most obvious is the position of the globe, which has moved to the left and upwards on the thermal label because of the space reserved for the printing of the value, by the scales, in the lower right corner. The other difference is the second ring of concentric broken yellow lines, with different ‘rotation marks’ in both designs.

The gummed paper used for this issue has the same characteristics as the ESPAMER 1996 issue, and it also has a phosphorescent coating. The manufacturer is the same, although on this occasion they printed the labels by offset (see details of the screening points, right image). The great similarity in the printing system of this design and the thermal self-adhesive label with the same design, suggests that both labels have the same origin and, therefore, confirm that the manufacturer of the latest 2 Klüssendorf type editions in Spain was OVELAR, S.A.

Because of the offset printing, it is possible to find ATMs of this design with displacements, of varying importance, of the different printing colours and / or colour stains, such as this curious magenta line appearing in the lower right corner of all labels on some rolls.
Examples would be endless, depending on the depth of the study. They cannot be considered varieties or variants of the original design.

Printing varieties

Unlike most of the 6 previous Klüssendorf designs, issued in commemoration of philatelic or social events, and with dates of issue coinciding with the event’s opening, there was no official first day of sale or issue for this definitive design. The first known postmarks are dated July 11th and 12th 1996.

This design was little used in Klüssendorf Stampcenter 631 vending machines (3 digit value printing); more widely used with the Klüssendorf Stampcenter 847 stamp printers of the Philatelic Service (4 digit face values), and mainly used by the IBM postal kiosks (4 digit face values).

The Philatelic Service did not supply 3-digits ATMs of this design to collectors. Since, very few were used in the Klüssendorf Stampcenter 631 vending machines, the 3-digit face value printing variety is very scarce and is therefore more highly valued.

Depending on the machine or the configuration used, the ATM face value was printed with either 3 or 4 characters. In all instances the impression was mechanical, using black ink. There are some rare ATMs of this design with 4 characters and the face value printed in lilac-violet, issued from the beginning of 1999 by the IBM postal kiosk installed in the Santa Cruz de Tenerife main post office, whilst those issued from 1998 (read note * in 'Values - sets') by the IBM postal kiosk installed post office branch 13, in Madrid, used red ink.
Variety 3 digits
Variety 4 digits
Klüssendorf StampCenter 631

Klüssendorf StampCenter 847
IBM postal kiosk

Sub variety 4 digits
Sub variety 4 digits
IBM postal kiosk

IBM postal kiosk

Some ATM rolls have, on the back of every fifth label, a 4-digit pre-printed control number ranging from 0005 to 2000, which indicates the number of blank labels remaining on the roll within the machine.
Unlike the earlier issues, where this figures appeared in different positions in the centre of the label, in the ESPAMER 1996 issue and in this case, the control number is printed on one of the 2 edges of the label, and one of two different font types was used.

(For more information about the Klüssendorf type ATMs, errors and special printings, see study).

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