- The first postal labels.
- The prefranked covers.
The first postal labels

From beginnings of the '80s certain post offices from Spain were equipped with machines FRAMA SG-15 and EPELSA BF-10C for the franking of the postal pieces in the offices. 
The adhesive labels used by this machines do not have the ATM consideration, because they include the date of purchase, considering themselves then as mechanical franking or simple postal labels

As much in the case of EPELSA BF-10C, like for FRAMA SG-15, cases of labels without printing of date have occurred or with the date printed in zeros, reason why they would be possible to be considered like the first Spanish ATMs


The 82 machines of this type, distributed by all the country, were put in service towards end of 1.979 and were in operation until their total substitution by present EPELSA ET-CB
The labels of this type measure 72 x 32 mm., on different gummed paper varieties and brown or lilac colour printing. 


In 1.981 Spanish Posts acquired 325 new balances of model EPELSA BF-10C. To these machines was possible to be added a module called etiquetadora that printed a self adhesive label with the corresponding franking. The cost of the franking was calculated by the own balance based on the weight and the update postal tariffs. 
They were in use until half  '90s, when progressively they were replaced by new EPELSA ET-CB

Of this model ordinary ( definitive ) and also commemorative labels exist.

  • Ordinary or definitive labels.
There are 5 designs or varieties, referred to the cuts and the label design.
Image from J. I. Arratibel
EPELSA BF-10C label without date printing.
The first Spanish ATM ?
  • Commemorative labels.
In January 1.985 the first commemorative label of the type EPELSA BF-10C was issued. 
On the contrary that the ordinary or definitive labels, all the labels of this type have a period of use clearly defined and specific values of franking in each case, all this established by the corresponding dispositions in the Boletín Oficial de Correos ( BOC ).

In total 38 different models from commemorative EPELSA BF-10C labels were emitted, from January 1.985 to April 1.993.

The prefranked covers with thermal type labels

Correos y Telégrafos presented this new postal product the June 13, 1999 , together with the new envelopes and packing boxes, to be commercialized in all their offices. 

This covers include the postage with an adhesive label of thermal type - TARIFA A -, similar to the franking labels or ATMs. This label does not exist on sale in another format that already is not adhered to the cover and, therefore, is either possible to select the value. The label cannot be considered, then, like a new model of ATM. 

They are sold in packages of 5 units and exist three different models of covers, to use based on the weight and size of the shipment. The design and the label are common for the three models. 
These covers circulate like ordinary letter in all the national territory.

Cover size Conditions for the use
MODEL 1 17,6 x 12,0 cm. National shipments up to 20 gr.
MODEL 2 22,5 x 11,0 cm. National shipments up to 20 gr.
MODEL 3 25,0 x 19,0 cm. National shipments up to 100 gr.

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