SPAIN. Thermal ATM issues  2OO6 T122 (130)
España 06. Exposición Mundial de Filatelia. Málaga del 7 al 13 de octubre
(España 06. World Philatelic Exhibition. Malaga, October 7th to 13th.)
Date of issue :
July 2006
47 x 26,5 mm.
Paper :
Thermal phosphorescent self adhesive
Printing process : Offset and invisible ink - Watermark C
Imprint :
Thermal on black
Values / Set :
0,01 € to 99,99 € / Set Ph.S.: 0,28-0,53-0,78 €
Design and printer :
J. Carrero and RCM-FNMT. Real Casa de la Moneda - Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre
Reference / Printing :
90106 / 5.897.600 of adhesive labels
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The same design also exists as strips of stamps on thermal paper.

This design was initially released and sold by the Spanish Philatelic Service from January 2006 in the form of strips of stamps on thermal paper, but its general use in rolls from post offices and the issue of ATMs did not start until the summer of 2006.

The new issue promoted and commemorated the World Philatelic Exhibition that was held in Malaga from October 7th to 13th 2006.
In the same way, as in 2004, an ATM issue was dedicated to the previous World Philatelic Exhibition held in Valencia. (See the model 108 - Spain 2004. World Philatelic Exhibition).

With the suggestive motto "La mar de sellos" - "A sea of stamps", (but also with an alternative meaning in Spanish, "A lot of stamps"), the Philatelic Exhibition is organized by Spanish Post - Correos, who erected some large marquees with canvas roofing and glass sides, to attract many dedicated collectors and newcomers alike, in a new attempt to bring philately to the public. The locations were in the city centre.

World Philatelic Exhibition -
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Other philatelic issues

Using a similar design to the ATM issue, on October 8th, 2005 the Spanish Philatelic Service issued a commemorative stamp.

Both types of stamps reproduce the Exhibition logo, a work of the artist and designer, (and also General Co-ordinator of this philatelic event), Enrique Jiménez Carrero.
The design uses blues and yellows, which are the corporate colours of Correos and also associated with the sea and the sun, and includes some iconographic images related to the sea and the city of Malaga.

On the same subject, on May 29th, 2006 the Philatelic Service issued a souvenir-sheet with the image of the Exhibition poster.

  As a novelty, the World Philatelic Exhibition was present for the first time on the supercoupon for the weekend (Spanish draw) that ONCE (National Organization of the Spanish blind) put on sale, and which was drawn on August 27th, 2006.
The design reproduces the poster and the exhibition logo.

... and the winning number was 94662 ... We had no luck !

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