SPAIN. Thermal ATM issues  1998 T14 (22)
1999, VIII Centenario Nacimiento de IBN AL-ABBÂR
Valencia, 1199 - Túnez, 1260. Ajuntament d'Onda /
1999, VIII Centennial Birth of IBN AL-ABBÂR. Onda's City Council
Date of issue :
October 18, 1998
Size :
47 x 27 mm.
Paper :
Thermal self adhesive - multicoloured 
Imprint :
Thermal on black
Imprint varieties : 2 (Epelsa with 4 and 5 digits narrow)
Design :
Joaquín Puchal Ribes and FNMT
Printer :
FNMT. Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre
Printing :
100.000 labels
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In circulation from October 20, 1998 only in the Post and Telegraphs office of Onda (Castellon), is the first commemorative postal ATM of totally private initiative in Spain

The initiative arose from the president of Círculo Filatelico N. C. IBN AL-ABBÂR (Philatelic Circle) of Onda, Mr. Rafael Ramirez Bachot, as a result of the refusal of the stamp issue that the Philatelic Circle had requested to the Spanish stamps Commission Program, to commemorate the 800th Anniversary of the birth of the famous learned Spanish Arab Valencian of XIII century.

The preparation and design have been made by the Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (F.N.M.T.), from an outline of the Onda's painter ceramist and secretary of Association D. Joaquin Puchal Ribes. It represents the personage with his typical Eastern clothing, seated and pensive ; in the right hand it carries a pen and in the left and on the feet a book ; to the bottom the "Torre del Moro" (Moorish Tower) of the Onda's castle ; it completes the rest the legend, Post logo, allusive to the events; like bottom, the shield of the locality and Onda's City council. And it was indeed the City council of this locality, through his Culture Council, that became position of all the expenses caused by the manufacture of the ATMs, by a total of 355.192 ESP. 

Etiqueta d'ajust The final printing was of 100.000 units and were basically for sale and circulation in Onda. Towards end of 1998 all the printing had been already sold out, with the exception of a very small part that reserved for its use in commemorative material next year during the 7th EXFINUCOL .

This new issue, unlike the other thermal models, was published in Boletín Oficial de Comunicaciones  (nº 99, Order nº 1564 of October 13, 1998).

Adjust label. Machine 4393
The franking balances or machines that used this paper in the Onda Post office were only of type EPELSA model ET-CB with the variety of 4 digits (number 0643) and model ET-RL / IRIS with the variety of 5 digits narrow (number 4261 and 4393). 
ATMs with number 1742 (EPELSA 4 digits) printed in the Philatelic Service in Madrid also exist, although most includes the date of purchase.
Variety of 4 digits with date.
Machine 1742
Agreeing with the VI EXFINUCOL'98, commemorative of the 750 Anniversary of the Carta Pobla d'Onda, were possible to cancel first day circulation covers with the commemorative postal mark. 
The total printing was only 100 units.
Information : Boletín Informativo del Círculo Filatélico, Numismático y de Coleccionismo IBN AL-ABBÂR , nº 24


During October 27 and 28, 1999 was celebrated in Onda the VII EXFINUCOL'99 (Philatelic, Numismatic and collecting Exhibition).

For this commemorative reason the Philatelic Circle requested to Spanish Post the edition of the Ibn Al-Abbâr commemorative Post card and postal mark.
The Post Card shows the image of IBN AL-ABBÂR who appears on the ATM and is franked with the printed stamp "Aga Khan, Architecture Prize". Have been published 5.000 Cards with value A (national) and catalogue number (18-1).
The October 28th, was used the commemorative postal mark with which it was possible to cancel the Card and another souvenir material.
Detail of the postal mark

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