SPAIN.  Epelsa - Mobba issues 2000 T34
Date of issue :
April / May 2nd, 2000
Size :
47 x 27 mm.
Paper :
Thermal self adhesive - multicoloured 
Imprint :
Thermal on black
Imprint varieties : 6 ( Mobba and Epelsa with 4, 5 and 6 digits )
Design :
Printer :
FNMT. Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre
Printing :
50.000.000 of labels
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From 4th to 7th may 2000 the Cadiz harbour welcomed the world's biggest concentration of training Tall Ships. All of them took part in the Tall Ships Race of the Century.
Tall Ships 2000 is a special commemorative transatlantic race to celebrate the millennium organized by the International Sail Training Association (ISTA) in conjunction with the American Sail Training Association (ASTA). Although there are annual events and races for tall ships, a great ocean race such as Tall Ships 2000 takes place only approximately every eight years. In 1976 it was the American Bicentennial, in 1984 the race commemorated Jacques Cartier, and in 1992 it was the 500th anniversary of Columbus and the American discovery. Born out of the success of the 1992 race it was felt that the ISTA and the ASTA should mark the new millennium with a major event - "The Tall Ships Race of the Century".

The competition started with two different races that were celebrated in the same dates and on similar distances. One left from Southampton (United Kingdom) the 16th of april and the other did from Geneva (Italy) the 23th of april. Both finalized in Cadiz the 4th of may.

The second phase was an east west transatlantic race up to Bermudas. From there the ships sailed to north up to Boston and then Halifax, where the opportunity occurred to participate to other ports of the United States where different acts were organized.

The barges, brigantines and schooners featured in this set of two stamps from Canada Posts are just a sampling of the approximately 150 tall ships that will cruise into Halifax Harbour on July 19 during The Race of the Century.
The last stage was again a transatlantic race, now from west to east, and that finalized in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). 
During the Tall Ships 2000 there were organized in Cadiz multitude of cultural acts related to this event. Between them we can emphasize the Exposición Filatélica y de coleccionismo de tema naval  (Philatelic Exhibition and of collecting of naval subject) and the Panel filatélico Gran Regata 2000 (Philatelic Panel Gran Regata 2000), both organized by the Sociedad Filatélica Gaditana, in the Congress Palace.

During the Philatelic Exhibition the Sociedad Filatélica Gaditana, edited a commemorative cover and a Maximum card, both cancelled with a special or commemorative postmark.
Besides this "official" Maximum Card, sold in the Exposition, different collectors achieved and cancelled his own creations.

The commemorative ATM of the event is a design of Francisco Piniella, from Cadiz.
Shows the spanish sail training ship Juan Sebastian De Elcano participant in the Tall Ships 2000 and sailing in front of the city of Cadiz.

Unusual in the world of the ATMs in Spain, we can also show this time the original design and this one that finally was accepted by Spain Posts - Correos and that, with some modifications, was used for the issue.

Original design Final design
Of this model, and like most of them, variations of the general tonality because of the printing procedures exist, some more evident than others. The 3rd. example is especially curious because besides the tone variation, there is also an image displacement.
This issue was available in the Cadiz Main Post Office from the last week of April but it wasn't used in all the Post offices up to the 2nd May 2000.
Other related philatelic issues.


In 1964 the Spanish Postal Services issued a set in Tribute to Spanish Navy, including a stamp dedicated to the school ship Juan Sebastian De Elcano.

Edifil 1612 / Yvert 1270 / Michel 1496

Juan Sebastián De Elcano The Juan Sebastian De Elcano receives the name of the Basque navigator of the same name, born in Getaria in 1486 and died in the Pacific Ocean in 1526. 
Named Captain to the death of Magalhaes participated in the expedition and assumed the control of the expedition until the return to Spain in September of 1522.
The ship was built in Cadiz in 1927 and  with its four masts tribute to the four previous sail training vessels; Bianca, Almansa, Asturias and Nautilus. It's one of the longest sail training ships in the world and at the moment it is the boat school for the future officials of Spanish Navy.

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