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Coches de época ( 1 ). FORD T (CASC) /
Vintage cars ( 1 ). FORD T (CASC)
Date of issue :
July 2001 ( 1st know date of use : 19.07.01, Phil. Service )
47 x 26 mm. - Format type 3
Paper :
Thermal self adhesive - multicoloured 
Imprint :
Thermal on black
Imprint varieties : 6 ( Mobba (1) and Epelsa 4 (1), 5 (2), 6 (2) digits )
Values / Set :
1 to 999999 PTS / Set values : 30 - 40 - 75 PTS
( Available printing varieties and values in the date of issue )
Design and Printer :
RCM-FNMT. Real Casa de la Moneda - Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre
Printing :
50.000.000 of labels
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A new ATM thematic set dedicated to the vintage cars starts with this issue.

The Ford model T was chosen the Car of the Century around the world ; it was a dream came true ...

Between 1903 and 1907 Henry Ford and his engineers developed up to 19 different cars ; they call each one with a letter of the alphabet, from A to S.

Model T was introduced on October 1st 1908 and quickly became very popular.
In 1914, the "T" became an economical and affordable car thanks to the mass production. It represented a dream of freedom for million people.

The car itself was very simple. All the elements were reduced to the essential minimum, including the colour. It was strong and easy to drive. Ford T was the first car coming from mass production with exchangeable parts.

More than 15 million Ford T were sold up to the spring 1927, date of this last fabrication. Model T is until now a model of innovation, the "Universal car" that Henry Ford wanted to build ...

The images used to ilustrate this ATM set about Vintage cars are from some of the vehicles that compose the Salvador Claret Cars Collection (Col.lecció d'Automòbils de Salvador Claret - CASC. Museu de l'Automòbil), in Sils, Girona.


Vintage cars haven't had a big representation in Spanish philatelic issues. In 1977 a set with 4 values was dedicated to Spanish Vintage cars :

La Cuadra, 1900 - Hispano Suiza, 1916 - Elizalde, 1915 - Abadal, 1914
Edifil 2409-2412 / Yvert 2048-2051 / Michel 2295-2298

In 1993 the Guinea Ecuatorial Posts issued a stamp set with 3 values dedicated to Henry Ford and his cars.

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