SPAIN. Thermal ATM issues  2OO2 T56 (64)
Historic motorbikes (1). Monet Goyon LB, 1932 (MMC-Hervás)
Date of issue :
January 2002 (1st know date : 19.01.02, Bilbao)
47 x 26 mm. - Format type 3
Paper :
Thermal self adhesive - multicoloured 
Imprint :
Thermal on black
Imprint varieties : 2+2 (Epelsa with 5 and 4 digits small and large)
Values / Set :
0,01 € to 99,99 € / Set values : 0,20 - 0,25 - 0,50 €
Design and Printer :
RCM-FNMT. Real Casa de la Moneda - Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre
Printing :
50.000.000 of labels
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First year issue and also of the new ATM set, this year dedicated to the historic motorbikes.
In 1916, during the 1st. World War, Joseph Monet and Adrien Goyon initiated the manufacture of vehicles without motor so that handicapped person could recover mobility.

The first low-cost motor was manufactured in 1919 with English license "Autowheel" ; It's a bicycles adaptable "driving wheel" of 117 cm3. This engine will motorize the tricycle "Automouche" and scooter "Vélauto".

In 1922 Monet & Goyon obtained the license for the manufacture of a Villiers two-times motor of 270 cm3, that will improve the precedent remarkably and it will be used in the motorization of all the production. In that period it will appear the sport model "ZS" of 1924, that will obtain numerous sport triumphs throughout the years.
Towards 1927 the production is diversified with the assembly of four times motors of Swiss company MAG. Monet & Goyon are united to the Koehler-Escoffier company.
Monet Goyon 175 TT, 1928-1932

During the 2nd. World war, Monet & Goyon are concentrated in the manufacture of military motorcycles with sidecar. Finalized the war, the production is based on the small motorizations, with Villiers motors of two times.

As many others, the French company will not resist the massive appearance of low-cost automobiles and will close its doors in 1959.
Between the safety measures to avoid the reusability, the sticky supports that serve as base for the ATMs incorporate from the 1995 model (Hand writing a letter - T4-10) the round central cut

Until the current issue all the papers presented similar characteristics, but the model Monet Goyon (T56-64) exist in two paper varieties ; sticky paper with the round cut opened towards the right and others with the round cut open towards the left. It can be appraised in the images...

The ATM image show the reproduction of a motorbike in the Museo de la Moto Clásica (MMC) de Hervás (Cáceres) - Classic Motorbike Museum in Hervás, Cáceres, Spain.

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