SPAIN. Thermal ATM issues  2OO2 T70 (78)
Postal architecture. A Coruña
Date of issue :
October 2002  (1st. known date : 7.10.02 - Phil. S.)
47 x 26 mm. - Format type 3
Paper :
Thermal self adhesive - multicoloured 
Imprint :
Thermal on black
Imprint varieties : 2+2 (Epelsa with 5 and 4 digits small and large)
Values / Set :
0,01 € to 99,99 € / Set Phil.S.: 0,20-0,25-0,50 €
Design and Printer :
RCM-FNMT. Real Casa de la Moneda - Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre
Printing (not official) :
50.000.000 of labels
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Fourth issue of the ATM set dedicated to the postal architecture in Spain.

The main post office in A Coruña is placed in the Plaza del Alcalde Manuel Casas on a soil gained from the sea.

It was built between 1927 and 1931 following a project in "Art Déco" style of the architects Luis Lozano Losilla and Joaquin Otamendi Machimbarrena.

The two architects worked in collaboration in a rationalist style and the fruits of its work is one of the most emblematic and singular G.P.O. building around the country.

The building has three floors with a very well composed façade. All in it is symmetry, harmony and sobriety. 
In the middle of the building was erected the clock tower appearing on the ATM issue.

The postal architecture in Spanish philately
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