SPAIN. Thermal ATM issues  2OO4 T96 (104)
Railways (5).
Steam locomotive and tender. Year 1900-1901. Museo del Ferrocarril
Date of issue :
March 2004 (1st day: 24.03.04, Madrid / Phil.S.: 29.03)
47 x 27 mm. - Format type 4
Paper :
Thermal phosphorescent self adhesive
Printing process : Offset 4 colours, Pantone 541, invisible ink
Imprint :
Thermal on black
Values / Set :
0,01 € to 99,99 € / Set Ph.S.: 0,27-0,52-0,77 €
Design and printer :
Reference / Printing :
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The series initiated in 2001 dedicated to the historical locomotives continues in 2004. The fifth issue of the series is dedicated to a steam locomotive 040 and tender.

In Spain one of the main problems of the railway lines was the orographic difficulty, reason why they need powerful locomotives; the series 030 and 040, with three and four axles connected respectively. 

The steam locomotives 040 used in Spain were built between 1863 and 1928 by different European companies, and acquired by the rail companies operating before the unification in 1941 and creation of RENFE.

The steam locomotive in the issue was one of the 15 units built by the Spanish company Maquinista Terrestre y Maritima between 1900 and 1901, and acquired by M.Z.A. (Compañia de los Ferrocarriles de Madrid a Zaragoza y Alicante).
The initial numbers were 547 to 561, and later 2271 to 2285 when the locomotives were integrated in RENFE.
Steam locomotive 040, 1908
This is a steam locomotive and tender, that means with the fuel and water tank in a vehicle towed by the machine and not incorporated in it. In this case, the tender could contain about 9 m3 of water and up to 5000 kgs. of coal.

Maximum card with the ATM issue. ASEMA

The image in the ATM comes from the archives of Museo del Ferrocarril - Fundacion de los Ferrocarriles Españoles, of Madrid.

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