2019, the new Musée de La Poste

After more than a five year refurbishment, the new Musée de La Poste reopened on November 23rd 2019.

The La Poste museum on the Paris boulevard de Vaugirard was originally opened on December 18th 1973. It is a building by the architect André Chatelin, with a beautifully decorated facade, a work by French sculptor Robert Juvin, recalling images of postage stamps.
After forty years in operation, the museum has undertaken the renovation of its interior bringing it up to current standards of accessibility for public buildings,. The exhibition halls were closed to the public on October 2013, and the renovation work finally began in the spring of 2015. The shop on the ground floor remained open until January 15th 2014, and had been temporarily moved to a nearby property in Avenue du Maine (see articles, also published in various VARIABLE issues).

The interior of the new Musée de La Poste has been completely remodeled by Jung Architectures studio.

The museum has three floors allocated to permanent collections and a temporary exhibition hall, all very bright and full of daylight thanks to a spectacular vertical glazed gallery crossing the entire building. The facade maintains its original panels, an important heritage element that is also a symbol of the museum.  
The complete renovation of the museum also includes a new visual identity (logo).

On the occasion of this reopening, Phil@poste released a stamp designed by Elsa Catelin depicting the museum's facade and a new LISA vignette. Both issues, together with a special postmark, were available during the 73rd Salon Philatélique d'Automne (see article, also published in VARIABLE 55), two weeks prior the 'new' museum opening.

The first day postmark and the new logo are designs by Téra-création.  

  The first LISA issue of the refurbished Musée de La Poste is also a composition by Elsa Catelin, with the new museum logo and a photograph of the fifties of a postman on a bicycle.

This new issue was available, from November 7th 2019, at the Salon d'Automne as 5,000 LISA packs, sets of four stamps with the current basic postage rates for domestic and international mail (AA, CC, DD and IP), preprinted with a back office computer system and a Brother thermal printer (see images below).

Coinciding with the reopening of the museum, this design was also available from Saturday November 23rd, from the IER LISA 2 Évolution postal kiosk reinstalled in the new museum's boutique (images).
Phil@poste manufactured six rolls of 2,500 thermal self-adhesive labels.

As can be seen in the images, the museum management planned for the installation of two different types of postal kiosks although due to technical problems only the usual machine was installed.
In operation at the museum since August 2009, this kiosk works autonomously and has never been connected to the postal network, and so does not issue tracked mail stamps or 'suivi'. All the software modifications and postal rate changes cannot be carried out remotely.
The minimum face value programmed into the kiosk corresponds to the current rate of domestic economic mail ('Ecopli'), which was 0.86 EUR in 2019.

Totally unforeseen and very badly received by collectors, the museum management decided that only an undated postal mark (image below) would be available in the Boutique, and not the usual museum’s general dated postmark.

Consequently all collectors wishing to mail postal items with the stamps obtained from the kiosk must now request the date or  
  philatelic postmark (right picture) available from the Paris Bienvenue post office, located next to the museum.  

The images below show the stamps included in the LISA packs, printed with a Brother printer, and the same values issued by the IER LISA 2 postal kiosk installed at the museum, with notable differences in the font imprint and the position of the shipping types.

Brother imprint IER LISA 2 imprint
Inland economic mail - CC    ECOPLI
Inland priority mail (D+2) - DD    LETTRE VERTE
Inland priority mail (D+1) - AA    LETTRE PRIORITAIRE
International priority mail - IP    LETTRE PRIORITAIRE INTERNATIONALE

TEST imprint
IER LISA 2 kiosk
Franking complement for an international registered shipment - R2, with acknowledgement of receipt

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