The ATM vending machines  EPELSA LF

The Grupo Epelsa S.L. has won the third tender, published by Correos in 2002, and has put into service the new ATM vending machines.

This is the same company that produces the franking scales used nowadays in all the Post Offices in Spain.

The equipment has been thought to improve the service to the client who won't need to queue for a simple stamp. Additionally, these vending machines will be placed not only in Post Offices, but in commercial and tourist areas.

The two models are called EPELSA LF-1100 and LF-3100.

The prototypes proposed in the tender underwent many changes mainly related to the final appearance, including a new Correos logo and the design of the images appearing on the screen.

Before starting the installation of the new machines, between May 23rd and July 17th, 2003, one distributor LF-1100 (number 10001) was put into service provisionally in Madrid - Post Office branch nr. 53 (Conde de Peñalver) in order to assess its work and the success with users.

LF-1100 model

This ATM vending machine only works with coins.

Pressing one of the eight red buttons placed around the colour screen, the user can select from Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Euskera, English, French, German or Italian, and the screen displays the instructions in that language.

Next, the destination (National, Europe, or rest of the world) is chosen, then the type of dispatch (normal or express) and finally the quantity of ATMs required (up to 6 options from 1 to 10 units). The screen then displays the amount to pay, and only coins are allowed.
After payment, the ATMs are printed out and collected from the illuminated tray, along with any change.
The ATMs are served in a single uncut strip, according the values selected. Receipts are not issued.

ATM vending machine EPELSA LF-1100, number 10001

Only 6 different
preprogrammed values can be obtained from the machine, corresponding to the basic postal tariff currently in use, for a letter or post card up to 20 gr. - 3 for ordinary post (National, Europe, and rest of the world) and 3 for express post (National, Europe, and rest of the world).
At the date of installation, in 2003, the values were: 0,26 - 0,51 - 0,76 EUR ordinary post and 1,85 - 2,30 - 2,55 urgent/express post.

To print the ATMs the machines use identical thermal labels as those found in the franking balances. The printing is done by a thermal printer provided with a high resolution head (8 dots/mm - 200 dpi) similar to those in the franking balances. Some differences can be appreciated in the printing and other details, which means a new variety of printing. Besides, the express post ATMs is the inclusion of the prefix URG before the face value.

During the months of June and July 2003, 200 units LF-1100 were installed, with the numbers 10001 to 10200, mainly placed in the halls or lobbies and front of the Post Offices in the most popular tourist towns.

In the initial test the vending machine (placed in a trial position on top of a postal box) worked perfectly. It is easy to use by following the instructions appearing on the screen, the printing is quick and there were no mistakes whilst printing or cutting.

Its' drawback perhaps is that the user will miss the possibility of paying with banknote and obtaining a receipt. These requirements didn't appear on the tender specification.

The screen

The new vending machines are equipped with a colour graphic screen LCD STN, with an image Size 7.5'' (measured diagonally) and a resolution of 640 x 480, that interacts with the user directing him through all stages.
When the machine is not in use, the screen acts as a publicity device, advertising products related to Correos.

Some postal publicity images

Touching any button the first screen appears, and the user can choose a language.
In the machines LF-1100 the user is asked about the destination of the letter or post card ... , the kind of sending ... and the quantity of stamps.

The sequence of the screens ends with a payment screen where the user is clearly informed about the amount to pay, the coins already inserted, and any change.

Language Destination Quantity of stamps

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