used by the Spanish and Latin-American Posts

The manufacturers : Epelsa - Frama - Klüssendorf - Mobba

The ATMs or variable value stamps are issued with special machines; From a gummed or self adhesive paper, this machines print in the act the face value and other information.

There are two main types of machines ; The franking balances and the ATM self service vending machines.

The balances are used by postal clerks in the postal windows inside the Post Offices; Depending on the weight, destination and the method of shipment, the balance issues an ATM with the correct value. It also issues a receipt for the purchase.

Franking balance model EPELSA ET-CB used until December 2001 in Spain and Andorra Post Offices

SPAIN. Post Office equipped with franking balances EPELSA ET-RL, connected to the main postal computer system IRIS. The equipment is composed of the franking balance (to weigh, issue ATMs and receipts), the computer system and the printer for the registered shipments voucher.
The self service vending machines or ATM distributors are often located in public areas or in the façade or entrance to the Post Offices in order to be used by the public. 
They usually work with coins, banknotes or credit cards, and offer certain common values of franking programmed in advance, although some models of machines can issue ATMs with any value of franking required by the user (within the established limits). Once the purchase of the ATMs is complete, some machine models can issue a receipt.
In many countries these machines have been replacing or complementing the old vending machines of coil stamps and similar items, offering a better service to the consumer. These incorporate a computer system and a printing mechanism, and allows to the user to obtain a stamp or ATM with any face value wished at any hour.

ATM distributor Model TERO from CIRILO AYLING SAIC used in trial period in Argentina

Without a doubt it's possible to say that the future of the franking, as already happens at the moment in many countries, will be based on the implementation and massive use of these machines.

Around the world there are different manufacturers and models of ATM machines known include the German Klüssendorf (now disappeared) and Swiss Frama. Each kind of machine uses and issues its own style of ATM.

In Spain machines of type Klüssendorf, Frama and Mobba have been used, although nowadays all the current machines in the Post Offices are franking balances of the Spanish manufacturer Epelsa. From May 2003 there are also ATM vending machines from the same company.

The manufacturers : Epelsa - Frama - Klüssendorf - Mobba

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