ATM links
ATM-world.  Danny van den Reeck. Belgique.
Recompilation of the world ATM issues. In English.
ATM info.  Eddy van Caester. Belgique
Information about ATM issues. In Dutch.
Israel Klüssendorf postage labels.  Tari Chelouche. Israel.
Specialized in klüssendorf issues from Israel. In English.
ATM. Vending machine postage stamps.  Rainer Reimund. Germany.
In English and German.
Matasellos y ATMs.  Jose Ramon Bellido. Spain.
Collector's web site. In Spanish.
Colecção de ATMs de Portugal.  Vítor Vieira. Portugal.
specialized in the Portuguese ATM issues. In Portuguese.
Etiquetas de Maquinas de Venda Automatica.  Rui Pedro Soares. Portugal.
ite specialized in the Portuguese ATM issues. In Portuguese.
Gulfmann ATM collection.  George T.M. Wu. Taiwan.
Blog dedicated to the ATM
issues. English.
Postage labels of the UK.  Brian Sinnott. United Kingdom.
Blog dedicated to the UK ATM philately
. English.

ATM clubs. Societies
ATEEME. Variable Value Stamps Study and Collecting Group. Spain.
In Catalan, Spanish and English.
CECE. Club Español de Coleccionistas de Estampillas. Spain.
In Spanish.
SAFMISG.  South Australian Frama and Machine Issued Study Group. Australia.
Specialized in the Australian ATM issues. In English.
Atm-world.  Automation Philately Society. China. In Chinese.
PostaumaatStamp Club collecting stamps, booklets, automat stamps and postage labels from The Netherlands and the rest of the world. The Netherlands.
In Dutch and English.

Dealers. Editions
Philately - online shop specialized in the world wide ATM issues.
Created by Jose Luis Garcia in 2004, from December 2008 is part of ATEEME Group and its managed by Josep J. Jové.
Quarterly publication specializing in ATMs and variable value stamps world-wide. Edition in Spanish & English.
ATM AKTUELL. Markus Seitz, Switzerland. Editor of Michel ATM specialized catalogue (editions 1994-2004). Author of the new ATM online katalog.

Foro - Agora de Filatelia. Spain.
Philatelic forum in Spanish language.
Filaposta. Spain.
Philatelic forum in Spanish language.

ATM Web - Spain and Latin American Postal Services:
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