A peculiar MOBBA-receipt

In general, the ATM collectors in Spain have little interest in ATM receipts ; possibly the main reason is that the printing on thermal paper has a very limited durability in most of the cases. But the receipts are very interesting items for study.

With this article we start a series of studies about different subjects related to receipts issued by the different equipment (franking scales and ATM vending machines) used in Spain.

This first article is dedicated to a peculiar receipt sent to us by a Dutch collector.  
It's a receipt printed by a franking balance MOBBA nr. 2173, installed in El Paso post office, in Sta. Cruz de Tenerife, on the December 15th, 2001 (just a few days before its removal), for the purchase of a stamp (ATM) with face value 75 pts – the postal tariff for a letter to Europe-.
It seems a normal receipt, but if we look in detail we can discover some interesting mistakes;

- C.I.F. Q-2816025-E  (The correct C.I.F. of Correos was Q-2817025-F)

It's a very rare and peculiar misconfiguration ; The incorrect letters / numbers are one letter or number in advance of the correct character. (N instead of 0, Q instead of R, 6….7, E….F and M…..N).  
In the last line, there is a double error in the text LEDESEÃ; the lack of separation between LE and DESEA is possibly a simple writing failure, but the error in à belongs again to the previous series of errors, because the character à is the one previous to A in the character set, installed at the beginning of '90s in the franking balances MOBBA.

Collaboration: H. A. Wolf, Holland

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