In 1994, and during a few months, two franking balances of the Spanish company MOBBA, numbers 0000 and 2001, were tested in Madrid. These balances had the particularity to print with 5 digits in the face value, with which the first prototypes of printing MOBBA are obtained on the ATM model that was being used at that moment, " Men figures "

From these initial tests, they settle until a total of 200 franking balances MOBBA in post offices of all the country, with registration numbers included between 2001 and 2200, and with characteristics of use and operation similar to balances EPELSA

With the years, and especially from the decision on the part of the Spain postal authorities - Organismo Autónomo de Correos y Telecomunicaciones (O.A.C.T.) de España in favour of EPELSA franking balances, and the integration of these ones in the main computer system of mail processing called IRIS, the MOBBA balances have happened to be relegated background ; In most of the cases they are used as a complement of balances EPELSA well situated in the postal windows, and only for the printing of large orders of ATMs given to its easy and autonomous use and rapidity in the ATMs printing.

Model ET-CB One only model of franking balance MOBBA existed. This model was developed from the model type LCB-ET of MOBBA.

It included a keyboard that could tariff and printed thermal ATMs with the 4 digits printing variety.

Franking balance MOBBA  (Photo: J. Jové. Reus, February 2001)

The MOBBA franking balances were in use until the end of December 2001 (some ones up to December 31th) ; with the change of monetary system -Pesetas to Euros- and bearing in mind their large use, they decided not adjust them to new currency and to substitute all them for the new franking balance model EPELSA ET-RL/T.

  MOBBA does not facilitate any type of information related to their franking balances 

The manufacturers : Epelsa - Frama - Klüssendorf - Mobba

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