The new STAMPS from SIGNE

Every time more and more collectors become interested in ATM issues in Spain
To simplify the shipment processes, the Philatelic Service requested to the company SIGNE, S.A., manufacturer of the current self adhesive labels for the ATMs, that already supply pre-printed stamps with the 3 basic franking values conforming the sets in 2003; 0,26-0,51-0,76 EUR.
This pre-printing of the face value on the labels is made by offset and include all the models manufactured by the company Signe, S.A.; this is from the model Amilcar - 1927.

The printing is 6000 stamps with each value and they are commercialized exclusively in complete sets of 3 values. Other values requested to the Philatelic Service are issued normally with franking scale number 0761

The new stamps are manufactured in strips with the 3 consecutive values, with cut marks. 
For the printing of the face value, they chose a practically identical font size than current printing variety 5 digits small, which supposes a certain difficulty at the time of distinguishing if it is a pre-printed stamp or an ATM (printed with franking scales). Anyway, a good "clue" (although non definitive) to recognize them is the absence of the machine number.

These new franking values ARE NOT ATMs. They are "normal" self adhesive stamps and they would have to appear in philatelic catalogues as a stamps; if not, it will be a great error. 

The Philatelic Service has also established supposed dates of issue for each one of these designs, possibly based erroneously on the date of manufacture of the sticky supports, but the certain thing is that no one of these stamps could be acquired before October 2003. In many cases, its use in rolls in post offices for the issue of ATMs is also very later to the "official" date.
Model "Official" 1st. date of issue Sold in Philatelic Service from 1st. approx. date in use in Post Offices
T80 (88) Amilcar, 1927 05.06.2003 13.10.2003 01.07.2003
T81 (89) Sammer Gallery. El Verano 17.06.2003 13.10.2003 28.08.2003
T82 (90) Sammer Gallery. Bodegon tulipanes 17.06.2003 13.10.2003
T83 (91) Faeton exclusivo 26.06.2003 13.10.2003 --.09.2003
T84 (92) Sammer Gallery. El Otoño 09.07.2003 13.10.2003
T85 (93) Hispano Suiza 20-30 HP 25.07.2003 29.10.2003 --.10.2003
T86 (94) Sammer Gallery. Bodegon 12.09.2003 29.10.2003 --.10.2003
T87 (95) Sammer Gallery. Frutas 16.09.2003 29.10.2003 --.10.2003
T88 (96) DKW con sidecar - 1938 25.09.2003 29.10.2003
T89 (97) Sammer Gallery. Bodegon naranjas 06.10.2003 29.10.2003 --.10.2003
T90 (98) Spider con Capota 12.11.2003 14.11.2003
T91 (99) Sammer Gallery. Bodegon Farmacia 17.11.2003 14.11.2003
T92 (100) Berliet - 1926 01.12.2003

For the first time in Spain, a same self adhesive paper has been used for the manufacture of pre-printed stamps and for its use in the post offices for the ATMs
(A similar precedent exists with a Norway issue in 1999).

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