The new ATMs from SIGNE, S.A.

The Spanish company SIGNE S.A. was the winner of the Correos public tender (Dec. 2002) for the manufacture of the ATM labels in 2003 and 2004.
From July the first ATM made by this company, the model Amilcar- 1927 can be found already in the post offices.
The new ATM issues already include new Correos logo. 
The paper used is thermal self adhesive phosphorescent, and the printing of the design is by offset.

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Studying in detail the new sticky supports, we can appreciate some important differences in relation to the papers manufactured until now by OVELAR and RCM-FNMT
Although the size stays in 47 x 27 mm, the lateral undulations are similar to the papers of the RCM-FNMT, but much more emphasized.
Label size: 
47 x 27 mm.
Wavy side with points

OVELAR (by order from RCM-FNMT)

Label size
47 x 26 mm.
Smooth wavy side

Manufacturer: RCM-FNMT. Real Casa de la Moneda - Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre

Label size
47 x 27 mm.
Wavy side

Manufacturer: SIGNE, S.A.

Format type 2 Format type 3 Format type 4
Also the central cut for security is different; the cut in semi-ellipse is more opened and with a smaller horizontal axis, almost semicircular.
These new sticky supports includes, in addition, a new safety measure to avoid the falsifications (?); the printing with invisible ink of the postal logo in the basis of the paper, as can be seen in the image in detail.
Finally, also the paper crystal of base in that they appear adhered the sticky supports have a beige - brown tone, well different from the yellowish tone that they had the papers in all the previous issues.

(More information about formats and characteristics of the adhesive papers, please visit this page)


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