The postal vending machine EPELSA LF-3100

First of these equipment was installed the July 17th, 2003 in the Post office Branch nr. 53 in Madrid, replacing the previous ATM vending machine model LF-1100 installed as a test.

Model LF-3100

This is a modular equipment, including a stamps (ATM) vending machine, a covers distributor unit, a electronic scale and a mailbox.
The ATM vending machine have a similar characteristics  to model LF-1100
This equipment allows in addition the payment with banknotes of 5, 10 and 20 Euros and, at the request of the user, issues a receipt of the purchase. 

Chosen the language, the machine offers 2 options; 
- Purchase of covers, format 115 x 225 mm, 0.08 EUR the unit (tariffs 2003)
- Purchase of stamps (ATMs)
If this option is selected, the equipment ask to the user if he (she) want to acquire stamps with the 6 values programmed according to the basic tariffs for normal or urgent (express) mail (the same as for the model LF-1100, until 10 stamps each time), or if the user want to use the electronic scale to weight the letter or parcel (maximum 2.000 gr.); in this case, the machine calculates the tariff and issue a stamp with the corresponding value.

The installation of these postal vending machines started at the end of July 2003, although the most part was put into operation during the following months.

A total of 50 vending machines Epelsa LF-3100 will be installed, with numbers between the 10201 and 10250
All these equipment is located in the main post offices of the capitals of province and more important cities in all the country.

In addition to the 6 programmed values with the basic tariffs, using the electronic scale they are possible to be obtained ATMs with 42 different values according to the next table, and that goes from the minimum value 0.26 EUR corresponding to a letter to 20 gr. for normal mail and national destination, until the maximum value 35.60 EUR of an express shipment up to 2.000 gr. outside Europe.

Minimum value
Normal post - Inland - up to 20 gr. - 0,26 EUR
Maximum value
Express post - Outside Europe - Up to 2.000 gr. - 35,60 EUR
Tariffs 2003 Normal post Express post (URG)
Spain Europe World Spain Europe World
Up to 20 gr. 0,26 EUR 0,51 EUR 0,76 EUR 1,85 EUR 2,30 EUR 2,55 EUR
20-50 gr. 0,39 EUR 1,16 EUR 1,63 EUR 2,00 EUR 3,10 EUR 3,55 EUR
50-100 gr. 0,54 EUR 1,37 EUR 2,34 EUR 2,15 EUR 3,30 EUR 4,35 EUR
100-200 gr. 0,86 EUR 2,70 EUR 4,63 EUR 2,45 EUR 4,65 EUR 6,70 EUR
200-350 gr. 1,53 EUR 4,95 EUR 8,43 EUR 3,15 EUR 7,10 EUR 10,40 EUR
350-1.000 gr. 3,03 EUR 8,32 EUR 17,10 EUR 4,65 EUR 10,30 EUR 19,05 EUR
1.000-2.000 gr. 3,69 EUR 14,54 EUR 34,00 EUR 5,30 EUR 16,50 EUR 35,60 EUR
As a curiosity, and with the postal rates 2003, the 42 different possible values costs 263,74 EUR.

The receipts

Carried out the payment and given back the change in coins (if necessary), the postal vending machine LF-3100 offer the possibility to print a receipt in thermal paper with all the information about the purchase, only in Spanish language. 

At the moment of installation, the machines arrive initially from factory with a roll of thermal paper made by OVELAR.

Original paper OVELAR
Receipt for the purchase of one stamp (ATM) value 0,26 EUR.
Size: 60 x 90 mm.
Receipt for the purchase of a cover. Price: 0,08 EUR.
Size: 60 x 78 mm.
Receipt for the purchase of a stamp (0,26 EUR) and a cover.
Size: 60 x 97 mm.
As a curiosity, the last 4-5 receipts of the roll include a vertical line in red

When this initial roll is finished, they install rolls of thermal paper with the Correos logos, the same ones than this used in the franking scales.

Receipt for the purchase of one stamp (ATM) value 0,26 EUR.
Size: 60 x 90 mm.
Receipt reverse - Paper type 1 Receipt reverse - Paper type 2 (new Correos logo)

The screen

The postal vending machines LF-3100 include an ATM vending machine of characteristics similar to model LF-1100

The software (version 1.2 in the installation) and the screens that help the user are also identical, although when incorporating some additional options as the payment with banknotes, the scale or the issue of receipt, add some screens more.

(The next images are from the Spanish version).
Covers purchase Weight option Weight option (2)
Information about the weight and postage Receipt issue Last screen - Thank you to use our service
In addition to the screens for the users, the system allows the complete control of the equipment by means of a screens series only accessible to the post office maintenance and to the technical service, and that only activate when opening the door.
Main menu Technical service options Total information

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