Aside from the ATMs, the self adhesive labels with thermal paper are also used in the Spanish Post Offices for the printing shipments control labels or like self test of the balances.

The adjust labels

Surely the most well know modality by the collectors are the adjust labels, special printing that they make automatic the balances after doing certain operations, during the starting as a test or initial printing mall pillow, or just after the user request. Each different model of balance prints it particular adjust label.

Up to the end of December 2001 it's possible to find 4 types, from the 4 models of franking balances in use, and the currency is the Peseta (PTS).

From January 2002 the number is reduced to 2 types, due to the removal of two franking balances models. The new model of balance EPELSA ET-RL/T is equipped with an identical printing mall pillow than this one from the balances ET-RL of small digits, reason why it issue the same model of adjust label
The balances in use are prepared to new monetary system, the Euro ().

Up to December 2001
Monetary system in Pesetas
From 22/28-12-01
Monetary system in Euros
Balances MOBBA
Balance in use up to 31.12.2001
(large digits)
(large digits)
Balance in use up to 31.12.2001
(small digits)
Balances EPELSA ET-RL and ET-RL/T  (small digits)*
(*) In the scope of a much more advanced collection, we can still distinguish a subtype that differentiates the ATMs and the adjust labels issued by balances EPELSA ET-RL and ET-RL/T, both of small digits ; Attention to the situation of the 4 blocks of information :
EPELSA ET-RL - small digits EPELSA ET-RL/T - small digits

Although the official date for the change to Euro in all the Spanish Post Offices was finally from the December 22th, there are some rare units of adjust labels and ATMs with face value in Euros before these date, coming from the printing tests during the franking balances adaptation or just because balance configuration errors in their adaptation to new currency.
The 1st test-adjust label in Euros, obtained in May 2001. Source : E. Van Caester, Belgium. Adjust label and ATM in Euros obtained in August 23th in a Cadiz province post office. By error only one balance was printing ATMs in Euros from August 22 to 24th ...  J.A. Morales was there.

This is the most impressive image of the change from Pesetas to Euros in franking balances EPELSA ET-RL connected to Spain postal software system IRIS :

Exactly in the moment of the change, each balance issued an only continuous strip of 3 adjust labels :

- First one with date and Pesetas (PTS),
- second one without date and Euro indication (€),
- and third one, again with date and Euros (€).

The image show the sequence of the change in December 24th, 2001, from franking balance 5653.

Image : A. Avalos.

The control labels

Until mid-April, 2002 the non ordinary shipments (registered, parcels, ...) posted from Post offices with IRIS postal system incorporated a second label, beside the ATM or stamps franking, with the shipment control information ; generally, the number and type of shipment or registered, the post date, the number of the machine and, in some occasions, the weight of the postal piece, a bar code, ...

There were different types of control labels, according to the type of shipment, model and configurations of the machine. There are some examples of control labels corresponding to the registered shipments :

Without any doubt, the great variety of different printings could even constitute the reason for a specialized study.

Spanish Post changed its computer and admission system and from April 11th, 2002 the EPELSA franking balances connected to mail computer system IRIS no longer issue any type of control label on ATM paper.

Now the postal clerk use a common sticky label with bar code. This new improvement will allow a better control and pursuit of postal pieces.

There are several types of control labels depending on the sending type and destination ; National or international registered, express, declared value, paquete azul (parcel), ... but nothing to do with the paper ATMs.

Control label with bar code for International registered sending

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