SPAIN. ATM issues 2017

2017. The 'Philately' and 'Tourism' issues

On Monday, January 2nd 2017, without any advance notice and as a complete surprise, the Correos philatelic service released two new label designs in the so-called 'ATM. Punto Filatélico'; the philatelic kiosk permanently installed in the lobby of the Chamartín mail processing centre, in Madrid (more information, also published in VARIABLE 41).

The two new issues are dedicated to Philately and Tourism, with symbolic designs that depict several 'traditional' stamps issued by Correos in recent years.
The 'Filatelia, seña de identidad de España' (Philately, symbols of Spanish identity) issue emphasizes one of the great values ​​of philately i.e. the ability to promote and 'project' the image of a country internationally. In this case with the map of Spain that includes and 'projects' several stamps issued in 2016 (with the exception of the Tourism stamp at the bottom, issued in 2012).
The Tourism issue commemorates the United Nations declaration of 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. This is also the subject of another two Correos 'traditional' stamps issued in February 2017. In this case, the issue includes a beach umbrella in the design, 'projecting' various stamps. The three in the foreground were issued in 2013 and 2014, two of them not specially related to tourism, but these stamps were selected to be included in the Correos thematic book 'Marca España 'published in 2014.

Although with a very different design from that of 2016, these two new issues (and the other six planned for 2017) are also by Juan Antonio González, a designer in the Correos philatelic department.

The rolls of 1,500 self-adhesive thermal labels are manufactured by Cartor Security Printers, printed digitally and with the same size and characteristics as earlier issues. All the labels are numbered on the back, on silicone paper, for inventory control.

The two new designs replaced the earlier 'definitive' designs featuring postal motifs - 'Postbox' & 'Telegraph' - and can be obtained at the philatelic kiosk throughout this year with the 'Madrid Chamartin' permanent imprint.

Like the earlier issues, the two designs can only be obtained with the four face value indicators A, A2, B and C, making up the four-value set or 'Tira de 4 Tarifas' (see images below). These indicators correspond to the domestic postal rates for letters up to 20 and 50g, and the rates to European countries and the rest of the world up to 20g, respectively.

As can be seen in the image, there is a poster next to the kiosk with comprehensive information and instructions on how to operate the machine together with the various purchase options.

In addition to the face value indicator and the 'Madrid Chamartin' imprint, the kiosk prints a unique alphanumeric code at the bottom of each stamp, in four blocks. In the first block, 'B' indicates it is a philatelic issue, '1' is for the month of issue (January), 'ES' for the country of issue i.e. Spain, and '17' for the year of issue. The second block corresponds to the machine code (ES01). The third block of four digits corresponds to the session number, followed by a block of three digits indicating the stamp number within that particular purchase.

Incidentally, during the first week of issue, receipts produced by the kiosk along with the stamps, included the wrong text 'Trarifa' instead of 'Tarifa' (Tariff).

A new special postmark 'ATM Punto Filatélico' produced by the philatelic service was also available from October 1st 2016 and used to postmark the new issues.

Future issues 2017

Correos philatelic service plans to issue eight different designs in 2017. Two 'definitive' designs to be on permanent sale at the philatelic kiosk installed at CCP Chamartín, plus another six temporary specials, on the occasion of the three main national philatelic events.

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