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¡ WELCOME to the world of variable value stamps or ATMs !

This is the official website of ATEEME - Variable value stamps study and collecting group. More information about ATEEME ...

The first version was published in 1999 to provide information about the variable value stamps of Spain and Andorra. This was extended later to the Latin American countries and from 2001 the page also included an introduction to the world-wide ATM issues.

The Web site is edited in 3 languages; Catalan (original version), Castellano and English. Currently (August 2004 - Version 5.0) this amounts to about 850 pages and more than 2500 different images. Apologies for any errors in English translations. Any corrections are always very welcome.

2001 FIP Philatelic Web Site Evaluation - October 2001 2003 Website Excellence Award Gold medal site - STAMP2.COM

All the pages on this Website are continuously updated, although the home page may not be totally updated. The Internet allows the addition of new Web pages to facilitate the inclusion of new information and images.

The copyright of the contents is totally protected by the law. The commercial use or publication of all or parts of the contents of this web site are strictly forbidden in any format without the prior permission of the author.

Variable value stamps study and collecting group
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Coordinator of the group and author of this web site: Josep J. Jove

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