SPAIN.  Epelsa - Mobba issues  2OO1 T55 (63)
Coches de época ( 6 ). HUMBER "T" 1910  (CASC) /
Vintage cars ( 6 ). HUMBER "T" 1910  (CASC)
Date of issue :
December 2001 (1st date of use : 13.12.01, Phil. Service)
47 x 27 mm. - Format type 2
Paper :
Thermal phosphorescent self adhesive
Printing process : Offset 4 colours
Imprint :
Thermal on black
Values / Set  :
1 to 9999 PTS / Set Phil. Service: 30-40-75 PTS
Design and printer :
RCM-FNMT. Real Casa de la Moneda - Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre
Printing :
51.740.800 labels
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Sixth issue of the ATM set dedicated to the vintage cars.

The British Humber Cycle Company, established in 1868 by Thomas Humber, became a major cycle maker.

From 1898 they initiated the manufacture of motor vehicles as a Humber Ltd. ; tricycles, motorcycles and voiturettes offering two speeds. 
The year 1900 saw the 3 hp, 3 1/2 hp, and the 5 hp "Phaeton" models produced.

Cars were initially based on Lawson's designs. 
The first independent Humber design was the 1901 5hp Humberette, manufactured from 1903
This model was catered for the popular small car market with its single-cylinder engine of 5 or 6.5hp, an early example of Humber’s attempt to produce a cheap, high quality car. 

In the same way many other Humberette's models and versions appeared next years. The Roadster model of 1910, for example, car was cranked anti-clockwise and is fitted with Humber’s own design of detachable wheels.

Humberette, 1903
After The Great War a series of small cars were at first offered, later being joined by medium sized vehicles of 12 and 24hp. During the Second World War Humber produced many vehicles, especially staff cars, for the services and public services. In 1925 Humber acquired Commer and in 1928 were themselves incorporated in Hillman

In 1945 the Hawk, Snipe, Super Snipe and Pullman arrived and were produced over several Marks well into the 1960's. During the 1960's smaller models were introduced, such as the Sceptre ; this was the last Humber model up to the end of the mark in 1976, first integrated in Rootes Group and from 1964 in the Chrysler Corporation.

Maximum cards

In the Spanish - Portuguese Maximaphily's Exhibition - IBEROMAX 2002, celebrated in Chiclana de la Frontera (Cadiz, Spain) from November 6th to 10, 2002, it was possible to use a commemorative postmark showing exactly the image of the Humber T reproduced in the ATM issue ...

and also this vehicle appears in the postal card used to realize the Maximum card.

(Maximum card offer by M. Manzorro)

Vintage cars in Spanish philately
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