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July 2019

Faroe Islands, France, Guernsey, Israel, Jersey, Portugal, Spain

Since 2006, VARIABLE is the quarterly publication with the most comprehensive information about the ATMs and variable value stamps, worldwide.
Edition in Spanish & English
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Jersey Post marks the 75th anniversary of 'D-Day'
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Eurovision song contest 2019, and more fighter jets in May and July ...

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Posta Stamps in CHINA 2019. The 'Pig farming in the Faroe Islands' series
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CHINA 2019
World Stamp Exhibition in Wuhan.
The CARTOR issues

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The ATMs at the 51st Feria Nacional del Sello 2019, Madrid. Codes ES01, PM19 & CH19. An unexpected issue, 'Centenary of the Communications Palace'   
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The ATM issues at JUVENIA 2019, Burgos. Codes ES01, JU19 & CH19   Article >

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