GUERNSEY. 2017 - Post & Go issues

The GG01 kiosk at SPRING STAMPEX 2017. The new 'Guernsey Bailiwick Lighthouses' series

With no activity since Autumn Stampex 2016 (like the Jersey Post machine), the Guernsey Post GG01 kiosk was in attendance at London's Spring Stampex 2017, from February 15th to 18th 2017.

The kiosk was installed on the 'Post & Go Services' stand, next to the Royal Mail, Jersey Post and Royal Gibraltar Post Office machines (More information).

During the four days of the Spring Stampex 2017, the GG01 kiosk issued stamps with the 'Guernsey flag' definitive design with the special imprint for the 65 years of Queen Elizabeth's II reign.

HM The Queen 
Accession 1952 

from one of the printers, and the new 'Guernsey Bailiwick Lighthouses' thematic series, with no special impression, from the other.

The first block of the code at the bottom of all the stamps issued by the kiosks at this philatelic event is B2GB17 GG01-, followed by the session and stamp number. The philatelic service also sells six-value sets ​​or 'Collectors strips' with the 'Guernsey flag' design and the Spring Stampex special text, plus the new thematic series, all produced by the back office printer B002 (see strip below).

Following the 'Bailiwick Life' series (article and VARIABLE 40), the new 'Guernsey Bailiwick Lighthouses' is the second pictorial series released by Guernsey Post.
The six designs depict the main Guernsey, Alderney & Sark lighthouses; Castle Breakwater in St Peter Port, Les Hanois, Brehon Tower, Mannez (Alderney), Casquets and Sark. 
The excellent illustrations, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful 'Post & Go' series to date, are by the British illustrator Robin Carter.

Guernsey Post produced a presentation pack containing a Collectors Strip of the new series (upper image), together with a first day cover, also featuring the Castle Breakwater lighthouse.

The new series was obtainable, from February 15th 2017, in the GG01 philatelic kiosk, temporarily installed at London Spring Stampex 2017, and the permanent GG02 kiosk installed at Envoy House, in Saint Peter Port, Guernsey. In this last case, with the permanent imprint 'Envoy House' (see images below).

Printer B002
Guernsey Philatelic Bureau
Kiosk GG01
Spring Stampex 2017 - London
Kiosk GG02
Envoy House - Guernsey

Receipts of the six-value set or 'Collectors Strip' programmed in the kiosks, issued by the kiosks installed at Spring Stampex 2017 and Envoy House, respectively.

As can be seen, all the stamps bought in the London postal kiosk were billed with a 20% VAT surcharge on the face value on sales made by Guernsey Post in the UK.

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