GUERNSEY. 2020 - Post & Go issues

2020, the 'Bailiwick Fishing Boats' series

In 2020 Guernsey Post released its annual thematic series for use by the 'Post & Go' equipments, in this instance the subject is fishing boats currently operating on the island for either commercial or leisure purposes.

In previous years, Guernsey Post has taken advantage of 'London Spring Stampex' to release its annual series. In 2020, with Spring Stampex having been cancelled due to the international stamp exhibition 'London 2020' planned for in early May, it was decided anyway to release the new series coinciding with what would have been the opening date of Stampex, on February 12th.

This new series therefore could only be obtained, on the first day of issue, from the two 'Post & Go' machines installed on the island; the public GG02 philatelic kiosk located at Envoy House, Saint Peter Port, and the DKU desktop unit in use by the philatelic department.

  All the stamps issued by the GG02 kiosk include the 'Envoy House' identifier.
The kiosk main menu offers the printing of stamps with six different face value indicators, which are available as single stamps, in strips of six stamps for domestic mail (Local Strip - left strip), in strips with the six programmed values ​​(Collectors Strip - second strip) and also in sets of six strips each with all six designs and the six programmed values ​​(Collectors Set). All these options are issued along with the corresponding receipt printed on thermal paper (images below).

The series is composed of six excellent illustrations by the British illustrator Robin Carter, and depict fishing boats in various island locations; Ceralia (GU29), Odilia (GU388), Little Sister (GU138), Amber Dawn (GU98), Sandra J (GU301) & Carina (GU113).
The rolls of thermal self-adhesive labels are digitally printed and manufactured by Walsall Security Printing on film / transparent backing paper.

  The Guernsey Philatelic Bureau also sells six-value sets or 'Collectors strips' of this new thematic series, issued in Guernsey with the DKU system, and its GG04 special code.

There are two varieties of sets issued with the GG04 code.
The first column shows the sets sold together with a first day receipt. However, in error, the bottom code begins with B1GG20 (and not B2GG20), followed by the equipment code GG04, and the sequential session and stamp numbers.
The second column corresponds to the sets included in the presentation packs and first day covers (depicted below), with all the stamps having the same bottom code, B2GG20 GG04-1969-06. 1969 is a fictitious session number which is the year Guernsey first issued its own stamps, with 06 indicating (according to the criterion used on earlier series) the release of the sixth thematic series, although in reality it is the fifth series.

Receipts of the new series with the six programmed values ('Collectors Strip'), printed by the GG02 kiosk (left) and the DKU unit with the GG04 special code (right).  

Guernsey Post produced a presentation pack containing a Collectors Strip of the new series, and a pictorial first day cover of the same set. The special postmark is only available with this cover, and it cannot be requested on any other item.  

1945-2020, 75th anniversary of Guernsey's Liberation

  Guernsey like the other Channel Islands was abandoned by the British in mid-June 1940. After five years of German occupation during World War II, the island was finally liberated on May 9th 1945 (more information, published in VARIABLE 57).
Like Jersey Post, the Guernsey Postal Administration marked the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of Guernsey's Liberation with the release of special philatelic issues; in this case, a set of six 'traditional' stamps (image at the end of the article) and a 'Post & Go' or variable value stamp issue.
For just one week, starting Saturday 9th and running through to May 15th, the Intelligent AR kiosk with code GG02 installed at Envoy House, (HQ of the postal company in Saint Peter Port), issued stamps with the 'Guernsey flag' definitive design and the 'Liberation 75 1945-2020' special imprint over two lines.

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