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The JE01 at SPRING STAMPEX 2018. The new 'Visiting Naval Vessels' series

In 2018, Jersey Post again installed its JE01 philatelic kiosk at London Spring Stampex. Following Royal Mail's decision not to install kiosks and to reduce their presence at philatelic fairs, the new 'Post & Go' zone was moved from the central area of the Business Design Centre to one end of the gallery bays, on the top floor. Here the JE01 machine shared the space with the Guernsey Post and Royal Gibraltar Post Office kiosks, as well as the Cartor Security Printing demonstration machine (More information).

With a similar issuing policy shared by the three postal administrations in recent years, the definitive design produced by the kiosks during Spring Stampex included a special commemorative imprint, in this case dedicated to Valentine's Day.
However, this time Jersey Post decided to replace the unique 'Jersey flag' design with the 'The Crest of Jersey' series of six designs, with the special imprint
Be My Valentine
Spring Stampex 2018
next two graphic designs in the shape of hearts.

A new 'Visiting Naval Vessels' thematic series was also available from the kiosk, without any special impression.

The first block of the code at the bottom of all the stamps issued by the kiosk at this philatelic event is B2GB18 JE01-, followed by the session and stamp number.

The new series features six Royal Navy vessels that have taken part, in recent years, in the Jersey Boat Show, a maritime event held annually in the port of Saint Helier. The ships are HMS Severn, HMS Raider, HMS Kent, HMS York, HMS Ranger and HMS Trumpeter. All Royal Navy vessels include the prefix HMS, which stands for 'Her Majesty's Ship'.

Jersey Post produced a presentation pack and a pictorial first day cover, together with a special postmark exclusive to this philatelic product.

The illustrations of the stamps and other philatelic products produced with this series are by Andrew Robinson.

The new series could be obtained, from February 14th 2018, from the JE01 philatelic kiosk, installed temporarily at London Spring Stampex 2018, and from the JE02 kiosk permanently installed at Broad Street Post Office, in Saint Helier, Jersey, with the usual permanent imprint 'Broad Street'.

Kiosk JE01
Spring Stampex 2018
Kiosk JE02
Broad Street P.O.

Receipts of the 'Visiting Naval Vessels' six-value set or Collectors Strips, issued by the kiosks installed at Spring Stampex 2018 and Broad Street P.O., respectively.
The stamps bought in the London postal kiosk had a 20% surcharge on the face value, because of the VAT on sales made by Jersey Post in the UK.

B002 printer
Jersey Philatelic Bureau
The Jersey Philatelic Bureau sells six-value sets or Collectors strips with 'The Crest of Jersey' series and the Spring Stampex 2018 special text, plus the new 'Visiting Naval Vessels' series, all issued from the back office printer B002

All the stamps included in the presentation packs and first day covers (upper image) have the same code at the bottom - B2JE18 B002-1969-007 (it is the 7th 'Post & Go' pictorial series).
Jersey Post also produced mint Collectors strips, again issued by the B002 printer and sold along with a first day receipt, in which the bottom code is not identical for all stamps, but with sequential session and stamp numbers (right strip

The JE01 kiosk at the 89th Scottish Congress

The JE01 Jersey Post's kiosk attended the Perth congresses of the Association of Scottish philatelic societies in 2014, 2015 and 2016, and returned for the fourth time in 2018 (More information, also published in VARIABLE 49).
During the two days, the machine issued stamps with the 'Jersey flag' definitive design with the special imprint, common to the other two philatelic kiosks i.e. '89th Scottish Congress 2018', from one of the printers, and the 'Visiting Naval Vessels' thematic series presented at Spring Stampex 2018, with no special imprint, on the other.

The six values programmed in the JE01 kiosk correspond to the first two postal rates for local and United Kingdom mail, for normal size and 'Large' letters, plus the two tariffs, in the first weight step up to 100g, to Europe and rest of the world
The first block of the code at the bottom of all the stamps issued by the kiosk at the Perth congress is B4GB18 JE01, followed by the session and stamp number.
Jersey Philatelic Bureau also sells 'Collectors strips' with the 'Jersey flag' design and the same commemorative imprint, but with code B4JE18 B002, produced by the back office printer.

Jersey Post and 'The wedding of the year'

On November 27th 2017, Prince Charles announced the engagement between his son, Prince Harry, and American actress Rachel Meghan Markle. The wedding was celebrated on May 19th 2018, in the Chapel of St. George, at Windsor Castle.

This major social event was celebrated by most of the philatelic services of the British Commonwealth, who issued all kinds of commemorative philatelic material. Among them, Jersey Post, who released a sheet of 20 stamps and vignettes illustrated with images of the couple (image below), and in addition programmed a special imprint on the stamps issued by the JE02 'Post & Go' kiosk installed at the Broad Street post office in Saint Helier, Jersey's capital.
From May 19th 2018, the date of the wedding, until June 26th, all variable value stamps issued on 'The Crest of Jersey' design included the special imprint

Prince Harry & Meghan
Royal Wedding 19/5/18

next to an image or graphic depicting wedding bells.

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