The origin of Spanish ATMs  (4)

Among the different security and control requirements laid down by Correos with the manufacturers of the sticky labels was that from 2001 each roll must have an adhesive label with the corresponding numeration.

This numeration must be of 12 digits in the following format: 
Number 9 (fix), two digits corresponding to the design of the label, two digits for the year of manufacture and finally 7 digits that correspond to the number of roll.

Example: In this sealing label from a roll made in May 2004 by R.C.M.-F.N.M.T. we read the numeration 90204000458:

The 9 is fix, appears in all the labels. The 02 would correspond to the second design made by the company. The 04 would indicate that it was manufactured in 2004. And finally, the 0000458 corresponding to the number of the roll.  
(It is the label from a roll of the paper Spain 2004 - Royal wedding).

The numbering of rolls also appears, as it has already been showed in previous articles, on the packing boxes and the despatch notes to the post offices.

And finally, to finish this series of articles we publish a table-summary with a compendium of the manufacture and issue data of the ATMs models - thermal type issued in Spain.

Thermal ATM papers in Spain - Manufacture and issue - Summary

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