The mistakes of RCM-FNMT

Coming up next, there are the more current mistakes or curiosities appeared in some ATM papers of 2002 and 2003.

The RCM-FNMT, Real Casa de la Moneda - Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (Royal Spanish Mint) made the rolls of 19 ATM models issued between 2001 and 2003. The first of these models was the T45 (53) -International Council of Museums. ICOM 2001. Barcelona and the last was T79 (87) - Soriano Puma with sidecar. These models can be easily recognized because they correspond to Format type 3

From 2002, and because of a misalignment in the manufacture process, as much in the phase of printing as in the one of cutting and pulling out of the sticky supports, all the rolls of the different models appear with an important error in the precision cutting of the self adhesive support that causes what at first it seems a progressive displacement of the impression.

The fact is that it's a printing mistake and is also an error of the precision cutting adjustment of the supports, that is made to eliminate the mesh perimetral waste and this can see perfectly when we verify the variable height of the labels and the space that there is among them.
From a first perfectly delimited support, the next labels are moving more and more the design downwards. The total displacement is about 1 mm., and when it reach this maximum, a perfectly delimited label reappears. This succession is cyclical and in all the models it repeats each 21 supports

This peculiar error is showed perfectly in the next images corresponding to the model T74 (82). Postal architecture. Madrid
The images correspond to the superior zone of a continuous strip of supports; The first label (position 1) is perfectly delimited, and we see how as the labels move and the design advances downwards, it progressively appears, in the superior part, a more and more wide band with another design. The maximum takes place in position nr. 21, where this band measures about 1 mm, and in the next label -position 22- takes place a jump to the starting point.

22 = 1
This cyclical error affects to all the models made by the RCM-FNMT (format type 3) from the model T64 (72), Pailebote "Santa Eulalia". Of course, it is much more visible in those models in which a coloured design fills the support, but can also be perfectly appreciated in these sequences that show only the extreme positions of several models.
T64 (72). Schooner "Santa Eulalia"
1 = 22
T72 (80). Postal Architecture. Ferrol
1 = 22
Possibly the models in which this error appears more clearly are Postal Architecture - Madrid and Donostia. This is because in both issues there is a band with a design that it seems not to have any relation with the original support. In the second case there is a blue broken line that can be very evident in some of the rolls.
T73 (81). Postal Architecture. Donostia - San Sebastian
1 = 22
T76 (84). Draw your stamp
1 = 22
This peculiar cyclical errors are also appreciable in most of the models that have small ink spots or printing errors in different zones of the supports that are repeated again each 21 labels.
These small errors take place at the moment of the impression by offset because of the presence of small particles or dirties. They vary from a roll to another one and within a same roll they can arrive to disappear or even to modify themselves.
T64 (72). Schooner "Santa Eulalia"
White circle, appears in some rolls each 21 labels
This type of errors cannot nor must be described as varieties of the supports, but simply of precise errors of impression or curiosities and its supposed classification is totally sterile.
T72 (80). Postal arch. Ferrol. Red lines on the upper right corner
Unlike the progressive displacement of the impression, the errors by the appearance of points or small spots are not exclusive patrimony of the supports made by the RCM-FNMT, but that can be found in models also made by Ovelar or, at the moment Signe, S.A.

We can also that the RCM-FNMT was the manufacturer of the model T56 (64). Monet Goyon and T78 (86). Sanglas 3501, the only two models that exist with versions with the security cut in both senses, and T59 (67). New Hudson, also the only model that was made in its totality with the security cut opened towards the left. They are possibly also manufacture errors too ...

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