SPAIN. Thermal ATM issues  1992/1997 T1 (4)
Date of issue :
June 1992
47 x 27 mm. - Format type 1
Paper :
Thermal self adhesive
Printing process : 4-colours offset
Imprint :
Thermal on black
Values / Set :
1 to 9999 Pts / 1st. set: 17-27-45-60 Pts
Design and printer :
FNMT - Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre / Eduardo Albeniz, S.A., OVELAR, S.A. and FNMT
Printing :
Unlimited - unknow

See the main printing varieties

The first ATM of the thermal type, which did not incorporate the lateral undulations, round central cut and the safety measures that characterize the issues from 1995.

In fact, this paper was used in the new EPELSA franking balances from April 1992, but these first stamps are not ATMs, because normally they were printed with a date for the immediate franking of postal pieces handed into post offices, so the buyer can't save them for use at a later date.

The first know ATM without date is on a cover cancelled June 5th, 1992, but possibly different post offices issued variable value stamps with or without a date over several weeks ... So it is not possible to establish a definitive date.

Initially, the face value printing only included the digits corresponding to the value, followed by PTS.

In August 1992, to avoid the forgeries, the asterisks in front of the value were added to make up the maximum possible digits.
Generally the machine number appears in the printing.

This paper was used by the Epelsa ET-CB, as well as units issued by machines MOBBA and, due to their large printing and period of use, they are known with both 5 and 6 digits (which appeared on machines Epelsa ET-RL/IRIS).

For this first issue of thermal type, Correos - Spanish Post used adhesive papers manufactured by 3 different suppliers: Eduardo Albeniz, S.A. from Pamplona, OVELAR, S.A. from Arganda del Rey in Madrid and, of course, the Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre - F.N.M.T. from Madrid.

The paper designs are similar, but not identical:

Thick frame

Open crown

Michel 4.1
Thick frame

Closed crown

Michel 4.2
Tight frame

Closed and bigger crown

Michel 4.3
Eduardo Albeniz, S.A. is a small company manufacturing adhesive labels in Pamplona.

To print the papers for this ATM issue, they used adhesive labels of thermal paper manufactured by the company Fasson Roll Europe, part of the international group Avery Dennison - Roll Materials Europe.
Then, the backing paper on which the ATMs are stuck to, include the company and product names in green: Fasson - FasRoll - S-470.

Basis paper with ATMs of Eduardo Albeniz edition - Reverse

OVELAR, S.A. used two types of thermal adhesive non-phosphorescent papers.

The type II paper is the rarest, and because of its characteristics (paper and surface coverings) the ATMs issued with this type of paper normally have problems of degradation in the face value printing.
Type I Type II  

The type I paper is much more stable and it was used in most of the reprintings.

On the other hand, the type II paper shows more shining colors and the background is whiter. Also the yellow is much clearer that in the type I paper.

Type I Type II  

But it is when studying them under a UV-lamp that pronounced differences in the type of paper used in their manufacture can be noted.
Type I Type II  

(To be continued)

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