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The Correos philatelic service has planned the release of ten designs of variable value stamps, throughout 2022, called 'etiquetas franqueadoras ATM' in Spain (ATM franking labels). As in previous years, the first two designs can be considered as definitives, and will be available throughout the year from the ES01 philatelic kiosk. The rest of the designs will be released on the occasion of the major domestic stamp events, the National Stamp Fair, in Madrid, and the Exfilna to be held in Irún. In addition in 2022 the philatelic service has planned to install temporary post offices at various festive events, at which special ATM designs will be released; the Fallas of Valencia, Madrid Pride, and the San Fermín Festival in Pamplona.

The definitive issues of 2022

The first two variable value stamp issues of 2022 are dedicated to social themes, mental health and COVID-19, and the International Year of Glass.

Another possibly less well-known consequence of the pandemic, has been the significant increase in mental disorders among the world's population, especially amongst health employees under great stress, those affected by Covid-19 and their families, as well as the youth and women. The stress of extended confinement, fear, and the loss of loved ones has increased rates of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. In Spain, as a result more than 10% of the population have used tranquilizers and about 5% have taken antidepressants.  
2022 has been declared by the General Assembly of the United Nations as the International Year of Glass, highlighting the importance of a material that is part of our daily lives, including its contribution to art, the advancement of science and the development of communications and the Internet thanks to fiber optics. The stamp label depicts the glass molding process at the Real Fábrica de Cristales de La Granja.  

The rolls of 1,500 thermal self-adhesive labels were manufactured by Cartor Security Printers in the UK. The size of the label is 55 x 25 mm., with perforations around the edges. The labels come fixed on a yellow silicone coated release liner and are digitally printed, with the area to the left in white for the printing of the stamp's data.
All the labels are numbered on the back of the release liner for inventory control

As in previous years, the philatelic service had planned to launch this first series at the ES01 philatelic kiosk on the first working day of the year, Monday January 3rd. However, a delay in receiving the label rolls forced the issue to be delayed by a week, until January 10th.

All the stamps issued by the ES01 kiosk at its permanent location, in the lobby of the Chamartín mail processing centre, in Madrid, include the 'Madrid Chamartín' imprint.  

On the bottom edge of the stamps depicted in this article, printed on the first day of issue, we find the first block of code B1ES22, indicating that the stamps were issued in the month of January (1), followed by the machine code (ES01), the session (3752 in the stamps above) and the stamp number.

The kiosk is currently programmed to issue stamps with four face value indicators only, Tarifa A, A2, B and C. These indicators correspond to the domestic postal rates for letters up to 20 and 50g, the rates to European countries and to some countries in the rest of the world up to 20g, respectively (see tariffs on the table below).

Users can purchase the stamps as singles and also in two programmed sets or strips; a strip of four Tarifa A stamps ('Tarifa A Tira 4' on the receipts) and a set including the four rates ('Tira 4 Tarifas') (see images below). After issuing the stamps, the machine prints a receipt on thermal paper with details of the purchase; an interesting addition to one's collection.

  In addition to the ES01 philatelic kiosk, both designs were available from the back-office computer system used by the philatelic service.
In this latter case although the impression of the face value indicator and the 'Madrid Chamartín' permanent text is similar to that of the kiosk, the first block of code at the bottom of the stamps produced by the philatelic service starts with the letter 'P' (Production).
The machine code for all the stamps issued during 2022 is CH22 (CHamartín 2022) - see table below.

  For the first time in 2022, the philatelic service prepared special 'ATM Punto Filatélico' postmarks and sold commemorative covers for the two new definitive issues.
  The first day covers in the images include ATMs of both designs with the two codes available, ES01 & CH22, and the corresponding special postmarks.

The philatelic stand in Valencia. Codes ES01, VA22 & CH22

In 2021, and following the very successful attendance of the Correos philatelic service at the stamps events in Lugo (see article, published in VARIABLE 62) and Oviedo (article and VARIABLE 63), it was decided to further the objective of promoting philately by installing a temporary post office at some of the major festive events celebrated in Spain. It could also be a good opportunity to announce and sell some related special releases and products, such as ATM issues.

This is without doubt an interesting promotional initiative. These big events bring together, for a few days, thousands of people from all over the world, and the main post offices, located in the city centers, enable the easy installation of a philatelic stand in a suitable and much visited location.

The first of these temporary offices was to be installed in the Valencia main post office during the "Fallas", from March 16th to 18th 2022. This week attracts a very large number of visitors, and the post office building is located in the Plaça de l'Ajuntament, the main square where the municipal falla stands and where a large number of events are held, such as the mascletás.  

  The philatelic service had planned to release and sell the 'Fallas' stamp, two special designs of variable value stamps, and two pairs of personalized stamps and cards. And all this with the corresponding first day postmarks as well as several "tourist" postmarks.
However, once again, the rolls of labels for the ATM issues did not arrive on time... In addition the Valencia main post office reduced its opening hours during the week of Fallas, which would have constrained the operation of the temporary post office. Thus, the philatelic service decided to postpone the installation of the philatelic stand for a week, from March Wednesday 23rd to Friday 25th; but of course, with the Fallas now a distant memory and without the large number of visitors.

Related to our field of study, the two special variable value stamp designs for Valencia are illustrated with themes directly relevant to this Community. The 'Fallas Valencia' design (as per the description on the receipts) is a photographic composition showing the traditional hairstyle and headdress of a "Fallera" looking at fireworks. The 'Parque Albufera' design shows a pier in the Albufera de València Natural Park, a few kilometres south of the city, with the typical Valencian barraca, the bow of a boat and a heron in the sky.

Like the earlier issues, the rolls of 1,500 thermal self-adhesive labels were manufactured by Cartor Security Printers in the UK, with digital printing. Due to problems in manufacture only the labels with the 'Fallas' design are numbered on the back of the release liner.

After the sale of the huge post office building to the Generalitat Valenciana at the beginning of 2022, the post office moved to new premises located on one side of the building in February. The philatelic stand was set up in the lobby, in an area where refurbishment work was still being carried out.  

For just two days, March 24th and 25th, the many visitors who came to the philatelic stand were able to obtain variable value stamps of both designs issued from the ES01 philatelic kiosk, moved especially to Valencia for this event as well as stamps issued from the desktop computer equipment with the special code VA22 (right image below).

Both machines print stamps with the four postage rate indicators, which make up the sets or 'Tira de 4 tarifas', Tarifa A, A2, B and C. All stamps issued in Valencia include the '24-25 marzo València' commemorative imprint in two lines under the face value indicator. In addition it was announced with great fanfare in the city that all stamps issued at the temporary stands throughout the year will include a special graphic. This graphic, printed together with the face value and the rest of the information on the stamps, relates to the theme of the issue and is also depicted on the special postmarks. In Valencia, the two programmed graphics complement the illustration on the stamps perfectly, one depicting fireworks and the other a traditional Latin sail boat in the Albufera. Both machines printed the same graphics although in different sizes, as can be seen in the images below.

Individual orders to the philatelic service however, as well as the stamps contained in the annual presentation packs are printed in Madrid with the same back-office computer system, but with the annual code CH22 and without the special graphic.

CH22 (Desktop printers, philatelic service, Madrid) ES01 (Philatelic kiosk, Valencia) VA22 (Desktop printers, philatelic stand, Valencia)

The first block of the unique code at the bottom of the stamps printed by the philatelic kiosk in Valencia is B3ES22, next comes the machine code ES01, and the session and stamp numbers. The graphics printed by the kiosk are larger than those printed by the computer system.
Receipts printed on thermal paper are issued along with the stamps from both machines.

However, the first block of code printed by the desktop computer system is P3ES22, ('P' for Production, unlike the 'B' printed on the stamps issued by the kiosk). There follows the special machine code for the stand in Valencia, VA22 - see table below, and finally the session and stamp numbers.  

  The orders to the Madrid philatelic service for these two designs were printed by the same computer system, but with the permanent code for 2022, CH22, and with no graphics.
The first block of the bottom code of these stamps varies depending on the month of printing e.g. (P3ES22, in the images, corresponds to stamps issued during the month of March 2022).

  As is normal, the philatelic service prepared commemorative covers and special 'ATM Punto Filatélico' postmarks for both ATM designs.
  The covers in the images include ATMs with the two designs and the three available codes, ES01 & VA22 with the Valencia special postmark, and CH22 with the new regular Madrid philatelic service date postmark.

In addition to the special postmarks, several tourist date postmarks - in permanent use at the Valencia main post office- were also available at the philatelic stand. Two of them are relevant to these issues, one dedicated to the Fallas and the other to the Albufera Natural Park.  

The philatelic kiosk, from Chamartín to Clara Campoamor

  After the visit to Valencia, the Correos philatelic service decided to move the ES01 philatelic kiosk from its permanent location in the Chamartín mail processing centre to the Correos branch 53, on Conde de Peñalver street, in Madrid.

The mail processing centre next to the Madrid Chamartín train station is located in an area undergoing a major urban regeneration project that will involve the demolition of the current building. Moving the machine to a more central area will however, facilitate and increase access to many more customers.

The Conde de Peñalver post office is located next to the new Correos headquarters, in the 'Clara Campoamor' building (image above, left). Both places are especially significant to those interested in the world of ATMs in Spain. Since 1955, the 'Clara Campoamor' building has housed the Escuela Oficial de Comunicaciones, which provides the company's various training programmes. Since the 1990s, Epelsa franking scales for training have been installed here, using rolls of white paper labels, which are highly prized by collectors

In addition the proximity to branch 53 also led to the installation in the post office of the various new postal self-service prototypes that have been tested over the years (Prosetecnisa, Inesc, IBM, etc.), an activity which continues today (image below, article in preparation). In particular, the first Epelsa LF-1100, a variable value stamp vending machine was installed in this same office, on May 23rd 2003 (right image, see article).  

  The IAR kiosk with code ES01 was put into operation in the post office lobby on Monday April 4th 2022. During the first day in service the machine had some issues with the payment device, a problem which had started during the visit to Valencia.
The kiosk is overseen and managed by the philatelic department in the neighbouring building.

During 2022, this kiosk will issue variable value stamps with the two definitive designs, mental health and COVID-19, and the International Year of Glass, with the new 'Madrid Clara Campoamor' permanent imprint.

To mark the occasion of this move, the Correos philatelic service prepared a commemorative cover and two new 'ATM Punto Filatélico' postmarks; one special first day and another permanent with date and the new location. The first day postmark is by José Carlos Alonso and is illustrated with a design of the entrance to the 'Clara Campoamor' building. In the picture, the first day cover includes the two ATMs issued by the kiosk and the two new postmarks.


Additional information

Spain ATMs (2016 - ...) - Machine codes table
Machine code Equipment Operating period Location
AN21 Computer system June 22nd & 23rd 2021 Main Post Office, Andorra la Vella, Andorra
B004 IAR philatelic kiosk From September 2016 until May 2017 CCP Chamartín, Madrid
CH17 Computer system From June 2017 until December 31st 2017 CCP Chamartín, Madrid
CH18 Computer system From January 2nd to December 31st 2018 CCP Chamartín, Madrid
CH19 Computer system From January 2nd to December 31st 2019 CCP Chamartín, Madrid
CH20 Computer system From January 2nd to December 31st 2020 CCP Chamartín, Madrid
CH21 Computer system From January 4th to December 31st 2021 CCP Chamartín, Madrid
CH22 Computer system From January 10th to December 31st 2022 CCP Chamartín, Madrid
ES01 IAR philatelic kiosk From April 21st 2016 to mid-March 2022 CCP Chamartín, Madrid, and philatelic events
From April 4th 2022 Post office 53 - Conde de Peñalver, Madrid, and philatelic events
ES02 Computer system From May 10th to 13th 2017 JUVENIA 2017, Avilés
ES18 Computer system From May 3rd to 5th 2018 28th Internationale Briefmarken-Messe, Essen, Germany
EX17 Computer system From October 9th to 15th 2017 EXFILNA 2017, Portugalete
EX18 Computer system From October 31st to November 4th 2018 EXFILNA 2018, Sevilla
EX19 Computer system From November 6th to 10th 2019 EXFILNA 2019, Santander
EX21 Computer system From October 21st to 24th 2021 EXFILNA 2021, Lugo
IC20 Computer system March 7th & 8th 2020 IX Feria Internacional Coleccionismo
(9th International collecting fair),
Villanueva de la Serena, Extremadura
JU19 Computer system From May 7th to 11th 2019 JUVENIA 2019, Burgos
JU21 Computer system From November 9th to 13th 2021 JUVENIA 2021, Oviedo
MA18 Computer system From September 21st to 24th 2018 35th Asian International Stamp Exhibition, Macao
PA19 Computer system From November 7th to 9th 2019 73rd Salon Philatélique d'Automne, Paris
PM17 Computer system From May 25th to 28th 2017 49th Feria Nacional del Sello, Madrid
PM18 Computer system From April 19th to 22nd 2018 50th Feria Nacional del Sello, Madrid
PM19 Computer system From June 12th to 16th 2019 51st Feria Nacional del Sello, Madrid
VA22 Computer system March 24th & 25th 2022 Main post office, Valencia

SPAIN - Basic postal tariffs (2016 - 2020)
  Domestic up to 20g. Domestic up to 50g. Europe Rest of the world
  Tarifa A Tarifa A2 Tarifa B Tarifa C
1.01.2016 0,45 € 0,57 € 1,15 € 1,30 €
1.01.2017 0,50 € 0,60 € 1,25 € 1,35 €
1.01.2018 0,55 € 0,65 € 1,35 € 1,45 €
1.01.2019 0,60 € 0,70 € 1,40 € 1,50 €
1.01.2020 0,65 € 0,75 € 1,45 € 1,55 €

SPAIN - Basic postal tariffs (2021 - ...)
up to 20g.
up to 50g.
Europe Rest of the world,
countries not included
in Tarifa D
US, Canada
Japan, Australia,
New Zealand, Russia
  Tarifa A Tarifa A2 Tarifa B Tarifa C Tarifa D
1.01.2021 0,70 € 0,80 € 1,50 € 1,60 € 1,90 €
1.01.2022 0,75 € 0,85 € 1,65 € 1,75 € 2,10 €

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