SPAIN. Thermal ATM issues  2OOO T40 (48)
Date of issue :
October 15, 2000
47 x 27 mm. - Format type 2
Paper :
Thermal phosphorescent self adhesive
Printing process : Offset 4 colours
Imprint :
Thermal on black
Values / Set  :
1 to 9999 PTS / Set Phil. Service: 25-35-70 PTS
Design and printer :
FNMT. Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre
Printing :
51.436.800 labels
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With occasion of the celebration of the Año Jubilar Lebaniego ( Jubilee Year Lebaniego ), the Cantabria Council of Culture and the Philatelic Federation of Cantabria ( FEFICA ) asked to Spanish Posts for the issue of a set of commemorative stamps, request that was granted in the 2000 with the issue of the present commemorative label or ATM.

The label was put on sale from the October 15, 2000 in Santander Main Post Office ( Cantabria ) and shows the image of the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana

From November 11 to 30, 2000, and included in the program of cultural activities of the Jubilee Year, the XLI Cantabria Philatelic Exhibition was celebrated in the Chapel of San Felipe de Neri ( in Potes ) in which 11 philatelists of the Cantabria Philatelic Federation exposed their collections with subjects related to El Camino de Santiago, Spanish Holy Years and Jubilees, Philately of Cantabria, Santoña in the philately, Potes and Liébana in the philately, Thematic religious, Virgin Maria, monasteries, churches, cathedrals, ... 

1st. commemorative cover; XXXIX Exposicion Filatelica - Año Jubilar Lebaniego (39th. Philatelic Exhibition - Jubilee Year Lebaniego), celebrated in Santander.

The December 15, 1999 it was used a initial postmark commemorativeof the Canonization the November 21, 1999 of S. Aniceto Adolfo and S. Augusto Andrés.

2nd. commemorative cover; XL Exposicion Filatelica - Año Jubilar Lebaniego (40th. Philatelic Exhibition - Jubilee Year Lebaniego) celebrated in Potes.
The December 20, 1999 it was used a initial postmark.
In both images, the covers (165x95 mm.) include a mixed franking, with the first commemorative label with a religious subject in Cantabria, this one dedicated to the 50 Aniv. of the Coronation of Sta. Maria de Puerto, in Santoña, and the stamp issued in 1982 commemorating the visit of Pope Juan Pablo II to Spain.
Commemorating the Philatelic Exhibition 2000, it was edited a commemorative cover and during 4 days (from November 11 to 14) a commemorative postmark was used.
Commemorative cover :
"1 al 30 dic. 2000 - Año Jubilar Lebaniego Abril 2000- Abril 2001 - Sto. Toribio de Liebana (Cantabria)".
With the commemorative postmark used in Santander Main Post Office from December 1 to 30, 2000.

Size : 165 x 95 mm. / Printing : 400 covers

Postmark with legend : 
AÑO JUBILAR LEBANIEGO 2000-2001. Consejería de Cultura y Deportes del Gobierno de Cantabria
Information from Mr. Arsenio Cabria, FEFICA's President 
Other philatelic issues related ...
In 1995 a set of stamps allusive to the last Commemorative Jubilee Year Lebaniego (From April 23, 1995 to April 21, 1996) was issued.
Edifil 3354-3355 / Yvert 2944-2945  / Michel 3210-3211
Paper and design varieties, errors ...

Besides the common tonality variations, some errors are also known in the colours and by displacement of the colours in the printing. 

This is one of the last models in which the colour printing invades the totality of the label. This surface layer affects very negatively in the durability of the thermal printing made by the franking balances. For this reason we can expect that this model will have conservation problems at mid term.

In the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana is kept and venerated the "Lignum Crucis" , the greater know piece of the true cross of Christ. Saint Toribio, bishop of Astorga, took it from the Holy Land and it's in the monastery from VIII century, being transferred to this place because the muslim invasion. 

The Monastery of Santo Toribio has, with Jerusalem, Rome and Santiago de Compostela, the privilege to celebrate the Holy Year, granted by one bull of the Pope Julius II, in 1512

Until 1961, the Jubilee were celebrated during one week only, from the April 16, festivity of Saint Toribio, to April 23, Pascua de Resurreccion. In 1961 the Pope Paulus VI extended the Jubilee period to a year. 
At the present time, the Jubilee of the Holy Year takes place when the celebration of Saint Toribio de Liebana (April 16) coincides in Sunday. The Jubilee Year 2000 started on April 30 and finalized on April 29, 2001.

Thousands of pilgrims go to the monastery of Santo Toribio with the purpose of obtaining the Jubilee, crossing the Door of the Pardon, opened for this purpose by the bishop of the diocese. 
During the Holy Year celebrated in 1995 more than 1.200.000 pilgrims arrived at the Monastery of Santo Toribio, motivated by the faith and gained the Jubilee.

The motto of the call of 2000 is " Joy and Hope ". 
An announcing poster has been published that incorporates a photography of the Lignum Crucis.

Detailed information about the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liebana, the Beato de Liebana and the Beatos, and the Lignum Crucis, please see the Spanish edition of this web page.

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