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Selection of the main articles and studies published in the web site related to the ATM issues, and translated to English language.
Unfortunately only some articles and pages can be translated to English.

  CORREOS. The 'single label' system
Article >
Regain control.
The pilot test with the new ARM variable value stamps. Read article >>>

The post offices with the new Epelsa DLT-ARM franking scales. The complete list >
The Epelsa ATM issues in the Barcelona 92 Olympic Games post offices
By Thomas Lippert
Read article >>>
The remail in Spain.
Introduction >>>
The tourist postcards >
The private postal operators >
The present and future >
The new Christmas fake stamp
The last 'ATM issue' of the SPC >>>
ATEEME at the Barcelona Stamp Fair 2009 >>>
The IBM and AT&T postal kiosks
Read study >>>
(IBM postal kiosks - ATMs - Test printings - Receipts - Postal rates and values programmed)
The TP Labels
Read article >>>
(By Nino Barberis)
The main annual meeting in the world of mail, this year in London.
Read article >>>
New world ATM catalogue 2008 (1969-1999)
Read article >>>
The new digital franking machines and stamps.
The digital technology in the world of the mail.
Read article >>>
The Unisellos solidarios by Unipost.
Read article >>>
The main meeting in the world of mail in Barcelona.
Read article >>>
2006 - The year of the historical memory in Spain.
New ATM issues ?
Read >>>
The World Philatelic Exhibition in Malaga.
Read article >>>
The new ‘Postage Paid’ impression at the Spanish Post Offices.
The new franking scales Epelsa DLI and the cancellation machines Pitney Bowes.
Read >>>
The RCM-FNMT errors (2).
The "phantom" line.
Read >>>
44th National Philatelic Exhibition in Algeciras - EXFILNA 2006.
Read >>>
650 Years of the Corpus Christi procession in Valencia. An ATM fiasco ... Read >>>
The last Christmas echos, the 3rd. FAKE ATM.
See >>>
The new franking balances Epelsa DL-Iris and the 6-digits ATMs. (More).
Read >>>
More commemorative ATMs. EXFILNUCOL. >>>
National Philatelic Exhibition - EXFILNA 2004. Valladolid.
The commemorative ATMs.
Read >>>
The prototype balances and the 6-digits ATMs;
From mid April Correos test the new franking balances EPELSA DL-Iris.
One of the news is that they print 6-digits ATMs !

More information
The origin of Spanish ATMs
(Study-Article developped in 4 parts and table-summary)
11.03.2004 The mistakes of RCM-FNMT
19.02.2004 Test labels in Spain
10.02.2004 A peculiar MOBBA-receipt
13.01.2004 Curious names printed on ATMs
Dic. 02-03 The fake Christmas ATMs
28.11.2003 The new STAMPS from SIGNE, S.A.
25.11.2003 Las sub-variedades de dígitos estrechos en Euros
12.11.2003 Post-Expo 2003. Test labels
29.07.2003 The new ATMs from SIGNE,S.A.
30.05.2003 New ATM vending machines EPELSA LF - New printing variety
30.05.2003 Spain - 5 small digits Euro-Varieties (Information not updated)
25.05.2003 The eLetter
12.05.2003 The postal TAX documents
10.05.2003 The ELGOIBAR's counterfeit
06.05.2003 The REGULARIZATION stamps
Marzo 2003 ATM SURVEY 2003 - RESULT
Marzo 2003 TheATMs in Portugal after the Euro (Mr. Videira, Portugal - Spanish version)
13.03.2003 The "ghost" ATM issue - "European Days in Rome"
31.01.2003 Spain - The public tender of Correos -New ATM vending machines
2002 ... Spain - From Peseta to EURO. The "ATM-transition" in images
Spain - The "old" papers reappear
Spain - The ATMs ... with date
(As a historical reference, we'll include also older articles)

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